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Oh God, Matthew Morrison Is Opening Up His Own Talent Schools

matthew morrison

Glee actor Matthew Morrison has decided to open up his own “accredited” performing arts schools, I guess. Considering how far up his own ass he is, I’m sure each school will bear his name and have plaques featuring his image posted all over the walls. Yes, I think it’s great that young students get the chance to pursue the arts in their education, of course – I’m not that much of a bitch – but Matthew Morrison is just THE WORST, so anything he does makes me roll my eyes and I don’t for one second think this is a selfless endeavour.

From The Independent:

Now the Glee actor is hoping to launch his own international network of performing arts schools to combat cuts in music provision which he fears could prevent a generation of youngsters from achieving their potential.

But the Tony and Golden Globe-nominated star, 34, has disclosed his plan to create real-life “Glee schools”.  “My focus is on arts education. I’m trying to create an accredited school programme that would go nationwide and hopefully global eventually,” he said. “It’s kind of modelled after the performing arts school I went to [New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts]. It would be great to have one in London. It’s something I’d like to talk to Andrew Lloyd Webber about.”

“I am the product of a public arts education and I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t found that passion at a young age. I think it’s a shame and a travesty to cut that stuff.”

Morrison is working on “an accredited programme”. “You’d have to keep up the grades to be involved,” he said. “It would have a big element of under-privileged kids, I think that’s important. It’s also been proven that music helps you in science and maths.”

Morrison’s classes will teach aspirants how to deliver a tune, an endangered skill. “There’s something about storytelling that’s been lost in music,” he said. “A lot of people go on talent shows and even though they can be great singers, it’s more about vocal acrobatics – let’s go to the circus. They should be worried about ‘what am I singing about? What is the meaning of this song?’ When I’m on stage I go into a different character almost for every song, and treat it like a monologue. I feel like I’m really acting these songs. I feel that’s been lost a little bit.”

“What scares me about these shows is that a lot of people aren’t properly trained so they’re wrecking their voices because they don’t know how to sing properly. There’s something about paying your dues and going through rejection. I was very excited when I got a Broadway role where my character actually had a name. Now I’m on a global TV show and I’m a lot more recognisable, but I think that I’ve earned it.”

I mean, this is literally only half of the self-horn tooting he did in this article. You’ve EARNED the right to open your own school because you’re on a “global TV show”? Fuck off, man. This guy really thinks he’s the bee’s knees, and I can’t stand it. If he was really concerned about music education, he would be donating some of that “global TV” money to organisations that are already working hard to ensure arts funding is still received by schools rather than trying to create his own brand and blow smoke up his own ass. When you want to help people, you usually don’t go about it by spending 90% of your talk going over all your own qualifications and how great you are. Get out of here.

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  • It’s fine to dislike Matt because he is kind of arrogant, but please check your facts before you just hate on him. Matt HAS donated a lot of money and time to organizations that champion arts education. It’s been his main cause ever since he started on “Glee.” He also never said that he’s earned the right to open a school due to being on a global tv show. What he said was that he feels that he’s earned his success because he had to work hard for awhile before he got his big break. That sentence had nothing to do with opening schools. As I said, Matt is arrogant, but this is actually a cause that he’s been invested in for quite a long time. It isn’t a new development.

  • I’m fairly certain he was talking about the Orange County High School of the Arts ( now OCSA) that he attended when it was starting off in Los Alamitos.

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