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There’s A Campaign For The Werewolf From True Blood To Host SNL

Joe Manganiello saturday night live

True Blood is back and I will continue to be a fan and not watch it. Because as a fan, I can’t bear to see what they did to it. Honestly I was side-eying the show way back when someone decided in season 2, “We’re going to make this very campy from now on” and delivered like Kim Kardashian. I had to give up when vampire Jesus came to town.

The show still has a devoted fan base, especially for Joe Manganiello, who plays Alcide the werewolf. In a Starbucks I saw what I thought was a promo shot for his turn as host of Saturday Night Live. But, no. It turned out to be photoshop as part of a campaign to get him as a host. So I laughed and took a photo of it. Because even though there were 4 baristas behind the bar and it wasn’t particularly crowded, my coffee took an approximate 7 hours, which gave me a lot of time to do things on my phone.

If you’d like to contribute to the campaign, you can sign up on Facebook and watch as absolutely nothing happens. Yeah, I know, it worked for Betty White. It hasn’t worked for anyone else and it definitely won’t for this dude. But don’t tell his deeply devoted fans that.

You could say his fans are…rabid. (YYYEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!)