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Kanye West Isn’t All That Concerned About Album Leak, His Label Can’t Say the Same

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Kanye West‘s clusterfuck of a new album, Yeezus, leaked online last week… as albums released after 2005 inevitably have. Everyone expected it and it’s not really a big deal – plenty of studies have shown that leaks don’t actually impact album sales – but Def Jam is piiiiiissed and on the hunt for the person responsible for putting the songs online. Who really cares? Well, not Kanye. While the label is starting a veritable witch hunt for the leaker, Kanye’s sorta just shrugging and probably concentrating on more important things, like demanding croissants and spending time with America’s baby – er, sorry: with his  new daughter, who is in no way a public figure.

From TMZ:

Sources close to Def Jam tell TMZ, leaks like this aren’t uncommon — especially in the digital age — in fact, the record company has a special leaks division that deals with problems just like this.

“Yeezus” was scheduled to drop June 18, but the entire album has already surfaced on the web.

According to sources, the leaks division employs various methods to track down the source of a leak … as well as to put a stop to any further illicit file sharing. We’re told the record company already has a lead on who’s behind the leak and plans to take swift punitive action.

As for Kanye — we’re told he’s cool as a cucumber.

Sources close to the rapper say Yeezy feels it’s almost inevitable for a highly anticipated album to leak … especially with so many cooks in the kitchen.

Sorry, bros at Def Jam – as long as people are smart enough to rename their .zip file into something nonsensical, you’ll never find all the uploads, no matter how many copies of Yeezus you manage to pull off Mediafire. And again, who really cares? I’ve worked at a major label before and the lengths they go to when you receive pre-release copies (including watermarks with your personal information embedded into them, making the disks unreadable on your computer, etc.) is kinda bonkers considering, once again, that anyone who was going to buy the album will still buy it when it comes out, anyway. This is one time I can actually say “good on Kanye” for not being uptight over some bullshit.

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