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1TMZ Kept Sean Kingston From Driving Drunk

sean kingston

Sean Kingston had that incredibly catchy song about being suicidal over beautiful girls — damn all them — and what I knew him for up until last night. Now I know him for that and for someone who almost drove drunk but didn’t because they were hounded by TMZ paparazzi. Good job, TMZ, for saving a celebrity instead of pissing them off.

Yo Sean Kingston left a club in what TMZ describes as an “ intoxicated” state, when,

[he] JUMPED out of the driver’s seat so a sober person could take the wheel. The funny part … he actually tried to blame TMZ for shaming him into making the right move.

“This is what TMZ wants to catch — they want to catch a DUI!” Kingston says. “NOT ME!!!”

We’re glad he made the right decision … but there’s one thing that’s still bothering us about the situation — would he have driven the car if our camera WASN’T there?

Well TMZ, I guess he would have driven, crashed, died, and Elton John would have had to write a new version of “Candle In The Wind” in his memory. So thanks for sparing us all of that.

June 14, 2013 at 3:30 pm by Catherine St. Ives
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  1. kimchee says:

    People look so stupid when they do finger poses. He looks like a 6 year old trying to be current, cool and hip. Does his girlfriend duckface and roll her eyes for photos?

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