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3Halle Berry’s Baby Will Be A Boy

halle berry olivier martinez

Halle Berry is currently pregnant with her second kid – her first with fiancé Olivier Martinez – proving the biological fact that everyone but the actress knew: she’s not past child-bearing age just yet. Hurray!

In any case, Olivier recently spilled the beans on the baby’s gender at the Champs-Elysées Film Festival…

it's a boy

From People:

“My son will be an American, but I remain French,” Martinez told PEOPLE in Paris on Wednesday.

God, I’m jealous of that kid already. Not just because he’s rich, but also because he’ll have dual citizenship! That shit’s hard to come by and really useful.

On another note,  it’s cool that Nahla is going to have a little brother. I bet she’s not all that thrilled about it, but oh well.


June 13, 2013 at 9:30 am by Jennifer
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3 Responses to “Halle Berry’s Baby Will Be A Boy”

  1. Mila says:

    Wonder how long before their relationship goes dysfunctional and they become adversaries?

  2. xyz says:

    Until Halle’s brain goes astray….

  3. blah says:

    Halle Berry has always come across as that “so pretty she’s crazy” kind of woman to me.

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