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Erin Brockovich Got Arrested For Driving a Boat Drunk

erin brockovich

Yes, we’re talking about the real Erin Brockovich here, not Julia Roberts in high heels and a mini-skirt. They’re called boobs, Ed.

Here’s how it happened: Erin got drunk and decided it’d be a fine time for some boating, so she did just that and then the police (the FUN police) took her in and threw the book at her. She was released on $1k bail shortly after, but damn. Can’t anyone get absolutely pissed and take to the high seas anymore? If not, pirates are in trouble.

From People:

Erin Brockovich-Ellis, the legal advocate portrayed on screen by Julia Roberts, was arrested for boating while intoxicated on Lake Mead near Las Vegas.

Brockovich-Ellis, 52, was booked into the Clark County Detention Center on Friday night and posted $1,000 bail.

A game warden who saw Brockovich-Ellis having trouble docking a boat on her own gave her assistance and then noticed she had slurred speech, Edwin Lyngar, a spokesman for the Nevada Department of Widlife, tells the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“She was obviously struggling to put the boat in the slip, and if you’ve had any experience, it’s a simple enough operation,” said Lyngar.

A field sobriety test showed Brockovich-Ellis was “significantly” over the .08 percent legal threshold for operating a boat, says Lyngar.

To be clear, I’m totally being flippant about the drunk boat driving – drunk people should not handle any heavy equipment. I just think this is sort of a hilarious story (especially because no one got hurt here, she just acted like an idiot).