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Ciara Gets SERVED At Her Concert…And Not In A Dance Way

ciara LA pride

Ciara was just doing her thing, performing at LA Pride, when she got SERVED…legal papers. This is too hilarious. I guess it makes sense, if you know where someone is going to be, why not serve them, even if they’re performing? From The Daily Mail:

She is being sued by a nightclub in Hollywood for canceling a performance.

And Ciara received an unpleasant reminder of the fiasco during a concert on Saturday.

The 27-year-old R&B star was onstage headlining an LA Pride event when she was served legal papers in the middle of her performance in Los Angeles.

In a video on TMZ taken of the incident, a woman held out a piece of paper to the star, who reached down and looked at it without pausing her performance.

Ciara was clearly unimpressed and promptly tossed the page back at the woman.

‘She got served,’ said the woman to the camera after she left the paper lying on the stage.

Apparently she was supposed to perform at a bar/nightclub in West Hollywood and didn’t, which is why she’s being sued.

But let’s focus on what we’re all really thinking of now: