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Newsflash: Donald Trump’s a Racist!

donald trump

I guess we’re all acting surprised that Donald Trump has said something (else) unabashedly racist by claiming that most of the crime in America is committed by “blacks and hispanics” and encouraging his followers to stop being so politically correct… and instead to start targeting minorities for being oppressed by assholes like himself, I guess???

Oh, lord. Donald Trump is a racist, a homophobe, a misogynist… need I go on? Not to mention both times I’ve interviewed him, he’s been the most self-absorbed prick EVER, so what’s his point, even? And by “his point”, I mean his point in existing.

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    • Yeah, statistics don’t lie. Like the one that says the FBI profile of a child sexual predator is a white middle aged male, so let’s stop white guys from reproducing and hanging around kids, to use your logic.

      • Yup so true 90%rapist or pediphiles are white and hordes ND wtf is his problem we work our ass off my parents work fields to pay for my education never asking for asst.fuck off Donald duck your reticules!!!!

  • It’s not racist if it’s a fact. If he said “all the blacks need to be locked up” – that’s racist. But quoting a statistic – not racist. I don’t know where him or Bill O’Reilly are getting these stats from though.

    • What he doesn’t say is that only the poor or minorities seem to go to jail for their crimes……ask the Kennedys…..the Bushes……Odrama…

  • It’s good to see good folks make correct common sense rebuttals to shrill name calling. And for all the same reasons. Jennifer, do you know who Thomas Sowell is? He spent much of his life gathering statistics regarding income, race, entitlements, and the correlation or lack thereof to these items and crime, wealth, education, etc. etc. And, oh, yes, he’s black. He used to be a self-proclaimed Marxist, but the data he collected HIMSELF convinced him of its incorrect theories. Please do read some of his articles and reflect back on what the Donald is saying.

  • The 1% are responsible for killing more people than anyone with a weapon. What a joke. Is he trying to be ironic? I mean, he isn’t Rumsfeld, Gates or Monsanto but jeeez, Louise. He sucks balls.

  • “racist” for telling the truth…. Telling the truth nowadays is indeed an act of courage….

    • Someone could just as easily say more white guys are Pedophiles according to FBI stats and our kids need to be sheltered from them, and that would technically be an accurate statistic.

  • How exactly is that racist? It’s a statistic (assuming it’s accurate). That’s not racism, that’s numbers. Get off your high horse.

    • how do you this is fact this comes from a rich white man you guys are always trying to say white men are not violent the facts shows you people are and always will be the most evil in the world you just don’t send each other to jail. kids should be scared of white men you white guys are pedophiles and mass murderers and that’s a fact get over yourselves you racist trash. check your fact yourself before you agree with a idiot like Donald trump

      • While Bill O’Reilly is overstating, it isn’t by much. According to New York City’s website for 2012, it appears that Blacks are 78.2% of shooting suspects and Hispanics are 18.9%. Of shooting suspects arrested it is 75% Blacks and Hispanics are 22%. He should of quoted a more trustworthy source because Fox News is not fair and balanced…especially the political pundits such as O’Reilly. Creating fear is the name of the game.

  • He lost me at “according to Bill O’Reilly.” He really should have began the tweet differently.

  • plz bring all doze lions and da elephants that u whte folks stole from Africa, amen.

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  • I neither agree that all the problems in america or american cities, is caused by the black people/hispanics, nor believe that all the black americans are bad people, but a neglect in the american political system. Good government, good people! simple as that. Although I do believe and witnessed that the majority of the people in america are black americans, and the majority of them are still looking to take revenge from the white people, about the fact that their ancestors were treated like slaves over a 100 years ago! The majority of black americans are very spoiled, racist, and even dicriminate against the politest white human being! how do I know that? Is because first of all I met a lot of black americans myself both at school and outside of school, in addition to socializing with them. The majority of them are excremely and unnecessarily rude, aggressive, spoiled, demanding, dominant, and abusive. Right now I am very happy to live in a country, not seeing these type of people. I also visited South Africa a few years ago, and I just want shut to the world, that the black african people from that region are totally INCOMPARABLE to the black americans, like comparing apple with oranges! The black people in South Africa treated me like a princess, and they are very beautiful in heart. I believe the majority of those black americans who are acting violently, have forgotten where they came from originally, or just believe in their ethnicities by lip service only, because the true african black culture is based on peace and harmony, not violence! no offence to black people, and plz do realize, that I used the word “”majority””,,not all the black people! No matter black or white. All the creatures are from one God, and this world is one, and we all have to strive to abolish all the problems in our actions, not just by words! God bless africa!

    • You’re correct. Most black people have no respect for one another, nor do they care what is going on in Africa. White people kill each other every day, they just sweep it under the rug. Trump is just like Willie Lynch keeping blacks with that slave mentality, light skin, brown skin, dark skin. People forget about the whites who kill whites, Charles Manson, Menendez Brothers, Ted Bundy, Columbine High School Massacre and remember Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting just to name a few. My point is stop pointing fingers at blacks, people of all races are killing each other. Men raping little girls ages two yrs. old to eight yrs. old in other countries and are forced to be sex slaves. Who are the rapist rich white men, for centuries they have rape women especially African women. Have any of you seen the movie Taken & Taken 2 true story. Statistic’s are only a small group of people who practice freedom of speech like D. Trump does, he is the snake in the garden of eden, spitting venom.

    • The truth is formed by the facts. The facts are this…. blacks make up about 12% of the United States population AND they make up about 88% of the crimes. All statistics.

    • It’s so true. Facts are facts, but if you state them, people get all bent out of shape. Statistics are just that… statistics. Real. True. Collected data. Same goes with this President… if you vocalize you don’t like him you are labeled a racist. End of topic. Go figure.

  • Statistics like this dont lie much , funny when someone points something like this out , all the people start freaking out hes a racist!

    You get so heated you go out of context in 0.1 second.

    • Ahhhh…. you do realize there are actually poor white people in this country too, right? And some very rich black people.

  • Seriously? Statistics don’t lie? I don’t care much what trump said. He wasn’t really trying to be racist I don’t think, but it is extremely condescending ‘these people want law and order!’ Yeah and you’re just the person to give it to them, old white guy!! I bet you know all about what it means to be poor and black.

    At the same time statistics can very much lie. The results can be twisted. It depends on who is compiling the statistics, it depends on who is interpreting the data and it depends on who is reading the findings.

  • Trumps not being racist,like some of the others said, he’s being truthful. but also nobody said a thing about what he said about being politically correct which is soooo true.
    everyoe zoomed in on the racist part. If we’d stop being so “correct” in what we say because somebody says it is I think things would go a little smoother. THINK FOR YOURSELF!!!!

  • Oops, I hit “reply” in the wrong spot on a few of my responses. Sorry about that.

  • Here is true racism. When 100% of a black community voted Obama. Really? 100%? THAT is racism.

  • why dont u learn english thats the problem with you black people you blame whitey for everything, if you people woud educate yourselves you people would be better off

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