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Johnny Depp Hired Some Homeless People As Extras In ‘Transcendence’

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You may wonder if Johnny Depp‘s affinity with the homeless has anything to do with the fact that he looks like one himself, but that’s not the point here. The fact is, he’s a pretty cool bro who hired two homeless people in Albuquerque, New Mexico as extras for his new movie Transcendence. Well, he convinced the director to hire them, which is close enough for me.

From The Sun:

”Johnny always likes to help out the community when on location,” a source said.

”While scouting out the area around Albuquerque, he came across these two characters.

“He was straight on the phone to the casting director.”

Well, that’s nice. It’s a shame Transcendence isn’t a zombie film that requires a mob of people, then he could have hired 100! Mind you, they probably only got $50 for the day since they’re non-union extras, but shit, that’s a fortune, considering.

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  • Hey! they hired more than a couple. They are working right next to a homeless shelter in Albuquerque and they hired several homeless people