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Saoirse Ronan Could Have Ended Up Like Lindsay Lohan

saorise ronan

Considering that Lindsay Lohan was a pretty prominent figure in Hollywood from an early age and Saoirse Ronan is really only coming into her own as an actress that we respect but don’t actually know all that well, it’s a bit of a stretch, but I don’t know this girl and I think she’s talented, so let’s give her the benefit of the doubt, shall we?

Showbiz is full of enablers and pushers who will basically get your ass into all kinds of trouble if you happen to be so inclined, vaguely suggestable or a minor with a parent who cares more about your money or your well-being, so it’s very lucky for Saoirse that she didn’t go down the same path as Lindsay.

From Time Out London (via DS):

“I could have ended up like Lindsay Lohan,” Ronan told Time Out London.

“You’re being offered all these different temptations… and everyone is either telling you how great you are or talking about you behind your back.”

She added: “Lindsay Lohan was the It girl from, like, 14. That’s a lot of pressure.

“If you don’t have your mam telling you, ‘Remember, you’re still my daughter’, you’re going to go off the rails.”

True, true. I feel that. On a side note, how good does Byzantium look? I’m down.

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