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Rita Ora’s Gonna Be The New Face of Madonna’s Fashion Range, I Guess?

rita ora

Rita Ora – singer, former Kardashian victim and London scenester extraordinaire – may have a new gig on her hands as the face of Madonna‘s Material Girl fashion line. The contract she supposedly signed is worth £500,000 ($760,257), which I would imagine is more than that whole range is worth put together, but I dunno. I suppose it gives Rita something new to tweet/Instagram about.

From The Sun:

The singer has already shot campaign photos for the label, which is run by Madge and her daughter Lourdes.

And the endorsement from the veteran star could help Rita crack the US, where she still needs a big break. A source said: “Lourdes has been a fan of Rita for a while and has been to many of her gigs. She persuaded her mum to see her.

“They met at the Met Ball in New York last week and Madonna admired Rita’s attitude so signed the idea off.

“Rita jumped at the chance because she’s such a fan of the Queen Of Pop.

“She also hopes it will help her crack the States in the same way she has the UK.” Rita already has an influential mentor in JAY-Z. He signed her to his label Roc Nation when she was just a teenager.

Okay, let’s be real. Rita Ora will never break the US – and I say this as someone who actually owns her album and likes it quite a lot. I’ve even seen her live when she was opening for Coldplay during their UK stadium tour last year. But any success she gets in the States will be nominal, kinda like Jessie J – people know ‘Domino’ and ‘Price Tag’ (generally), but it’s no youth anthem or anything.

Second of all, Rita spends 90% of her time on Instagram, documenting all the partying she does, the free shit she gets for being a major scenester, the “kisses” she shares with BFF/”wifey” Cara Delevingne and the photoshoots she does for publications that are covering her for… I don’t know what reason. Not hating, just saying it’d be awesome if a singer spent more time concentrating on singing than all the little perks that come with a modicum of fame. Like, kudos for befriending Karl Lagerfeld, bb, but maybe hit up the studio and work on your songwriting skills.

Then again, if it’s fashion she’d rather go into, I support her whole-heartedly. She takes a good photo and could easily book a few campaigns, especially with “It Girl” Cara’s help. Do your thing, girl.