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Caption This: This Week’s Photo


Hello, beeters! It’s that time again – a new photo, a new chance to caption for some awesome Evil Beet prizes. Remember guys, never lick a cactus, it’s not as fun as it looks. Therefore, take a look at the photo above and give us your funniest, most unique captions below, then check back next week to find out if you’ve won.

As for last week’s photo, here’s the winners below.

Winner: Justthinkin’ with :”Wop! Wop! Wop! Wopwop! Douchebag style”

Runner-up: TeeGee with: “I’d like to sing my new song now, “Ex Today Show Host Has No Style.””

So come on guys, get captioning on this week’s photo!

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  • Hey everyone, if you like commenting for the sake of commenting, then by all means, proceed. However, if I were you, I wouldn’t bother making the effort to write anything extra-funny here. It’s been a month since I “won” one of these contests and have yet to receive anything in the mail from Evil Beet, despite the fact that I have communicated with the staff on Facebook. By the way, i wasn’t even expecting anything awesome; I just think lying (especially about something trivial like this) is lame.

    • Hi Mike,

      To address your issue (since I was the one you were corresponding with on Facebook), I should clarify that our parent company sends prizes and like most competition-based website promotions, that doesn’t mean it’ll be there the next day. A month is definitely a bit longer than we like things on our end so of course we apologise for that and I’ll personally investigate the situation and try to get you an update on arrival time of your t-shirt. However, it IS coming and we do honour the prizes we promise – see the happy folks in the EB t-shirts on the homepage for proof! :)

    • Or, you know….. SUCK IT UP NANCY-BOY! Christ on a crutch, is this seriously the only thing you have to bitch about? Yours is a blessed life then. What a goon!

      • No, actually it’s one of a number of things. I just don’t talk about all of them in one place. I think direct, expressive communication is healthy and something more people should practice. However, you sound sexist and a little psychotic, so maybe you could take it down a notch and practice some of the stoicism you seem to be advocating.

      • Direct, expressive communication is healthy…. I just draw the line at a grown man with his panties in a wad because his “prize” hasn’t arrived in a timely fashion. I’m hardly sexist, but my original statement stands Nancy.

      • Chaz, didn’t you learn from that feud you were having with that one dude a couple months back? That shit damn near had me not wanting to come back to this site! Now if that were to happen again with this(99% it wont) just let it be clear that YOU brought it on Homie! You just love to try to stir with your wit, don’t cha?

      • And yet you came back. Look dinglenuts, leave or stay… Doesn’t matter to me in the least. You’re just pissy because no one likes your “I tapped that ass” comments and you’re evidently too stupid to know when no one really gives a fuck!

      • Is that all you can come up with? I’m pissy? HaHa, ok. Well, I really did expect something much more from you with your well known educated wit. Also, whats your purpose behind the attacks on people? It’s YOU, Chaz Bono who loves to go back and forth talkin shit here. Look, you came at homie out of nowhere, ok? What I did was make that point clear and you came back at me with insults, but that’s cool. Now, hold on to your panties because I’m going to let you in on something you should have been told long time ago. I knew your mom way back when and, you guessed it. I Tapped that fuckin Ass………..son! Buaaa-Haaaa!!! BTW, I’m Dinglenuts? Well then, get off my back……Dick!

    • Passive agressive much. It’s just a t shirt dude and you should be a little ashamed to wear dumthing that says .. I beet off at work in public.

      • Hey, I never said I would wear that; it’s the idea of failing to keep one’s word that irked me. Also, being passive-aggressive entails not saying what you mean and not meaning what you say. I did the opposite of that.

      • Actually Mike, you said “Listen up, blog readers” then stood next to the blog writers and pointed at them and said “They’s a bunch o’ liars.” It was pissy.
        Hey Chaz, I love my shirt, don’t you just love yours? :D

      • Whats shakin Cas? I love mine too…but then again I got mine within a week. Guess they just don’t like Mike! Will you please email Sarah then email me ya dork?

      • Yes, I know it was a bit pissy. I absolutely intended for it to be, and I never said it wasn’t. Being passive-aggressive involves acting spitefully and pretending not to be doing so. Are you slow?

      • Hey Mike, don’t trip on these peeps Bro! There aint nothing wrong with what you did even if you were a bit stern but dude, you had to be and look what it did…..results. The cool thing you did was to come back and declare that you understood AND state there were no hard feelings. But hey, at least you WON! Now I’m picturing me in a Gatorade commercial singing, “If I could be like Mike!”.

  • “Hey Sarah, did you hear that Mike hasn’t received his prize from Evil Beet?” “OMG, I KNOW…. What a Nancy-boy!”

  • “Hahaha, good one, Fairy Godmother, but I thought you promised to turn this horse into a carriage?”

  • Jennifer wanted to lick Sarahs cactus so Sarah allowed her to get an idea of what it would feel like! Sing with me now, “If I could be like Mike!!!”