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Did Kriss Kross’ Chris Kelly Die Of A Drug Overdose?

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Chris Kelly of the ’90s rap super duo Kriss Kross died 2 days ago in Atlanta at the age of 34, so of course people are suspecting drugs played a role in his death. Allegedly his mother thinks the very same. This could be one of those situations though where someone mentions that the deceased had a history of drug use and so the media runs with the “So And So says So And So died of a drug overdose” angle. There is however a 911 call TMZ posted that is allegedly his mother’s voice. I’m not posting it because Jesus Christ, TMZ. TMZ also reports that his mother did indeed tell police that her soon took some heavy drugs before he died. Only the autopsy/toxicology report will tell us for sure. But The Guardian is going with TMZ’s report and they have even more info:

The mother of rapper Chris Kelly told authorities in Atlanta her son became sick after taking cocaine and heroin on the night before he died, according to a police report.

Kelly’s mother, Donna Kelly Pratte, 54, and his uncle, Lamar Williams, 52, told authorities Kelly had a history of drug abuse and experienced similar episodes in the past, according to a police report.

Paramedics found Kelly, 34, unresponsive on a living room couch at his Atlanta home and tried to resuscitate him. Kelly, who was known as “Mac Daddy”, was later pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Authorities completed a physical examination of Kelly’s body and a toxicology screening was being done to determine cause of death, said Betty Honey of the Fulton County medical examiner’s office.

Damn. Cocaine and heroin on the same night? That’s intense.

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  • He had been back on drugs following the influx of cash that came from the Kriss Kross reunion; he had a terrible history with drugs. He was doing speedballs, which is cocaine and heroin mixed together and injected intravenously.

  • sad so young and talented its to bad this has happened. Irregardless his music was uplifting we will miss him god bless