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‘Glee’ Mark Salling Suing His Ex-Girlfriend For Accusing Him Of Sexual Battery

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It’s hard to report this one without getting into a whole slew of other issues surrounding it, but let’s give it a go. Mark Salling, aka Puck from Glee, was accused last year by ex-girlfriend and Playboy model (because, of course, that totally matters – NOT) Roxanne Gorzela, who claimed that he forced himself on her without a condom in March 2011 – an incident which she sued him for in January this year. He also apparently attacked her and pushed her to the ground when she asked him if he had any STDs.

Anyhoo, Mark has now filed his own suit, saying that Roxanne “entered his home without his permission”, beat him up and scratched his car. That’s the least I’d do to someone who effectively raped me, but whatever.

From TMZ:

TMZ broke the story … Roxanne Gorzela — who also works as a DJ — sued Mark in January for sexual battery, claiming they hooked up in March 2011 and Mark forced himself on her without a condom. Roxanne said she was down for sex, but only with protection.

Roxanne said she went back to Mark’s house March 15th to confront him … and found him in bed with another woman. Gorzela says she demanded proof he had no STDs — and he attacked her, pushing her to the ground.Now, Mark has filed a countersuit … in which he tells a VERY different story. In the docs, filed in L.A. County Superior Court and obtained by TMZ … Salling says Roxanne barged into his house without permission, yelling uncontrollably and hitting him on the chest, arms, and face. But it gets worse … Salling claims Roxanne eventually ran out of the home and turned her wrath on his car — using various items from her purse to scratch it up, causing “substantial” damage. Mark is suing for trespassing, and assault and battery … and demanding unspecified damages.

I just want to say this before we go any further. Only 0.05% of reported rapes are false. That’s it. So before we get into this “she wants his money” bullshit, let’s just say that sure, that might be the case, but the likelihood is that this happened. Here’s a friendly reminder for Mark Salling (and anyone else who might be confused): when a girl tells you she’s down for sex as long as you’ve got protection, that does not translate into ‘I’ll have sex with you as long as we use protection, but if you haven’t got any protection and I tell you no, you can force yourself on me anyway and then say it was consensual if you want!” Like, what?

By the way – if his lawsuit had any validity, it would’ve been filed before she ever even reported the incident to police, not AFTER he was called out for being a scumbag/facing legal action. Ugh, I can’t with people.

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  • Your website has become increasingly hard to read. What is up? The background makes it very hard to read the text….and the 0 next to the heading? sigh…

    who are your web designers and where did evil beet go?


    a disappointed reader

  • This clearly sounds like a scorned ex who is broke and thought she could get away with it. No one EVER believes the guy regardless when it comes to rape. I really hope he ruins her in court

  • You left off two key pieces of info. 1st, she said sex was consensual but he didn’t use a condom sooo instead of going to get DNA she stayed and snuggled. Apparently, she didn’t report it till she came over unannounced and found him with another woman did she explode. Now, I not saying he did or didn’t force himself on her nor am I justifying either party but before I judge, I want to hear from the “other ” woman and if there is security video. This is civil not criminal. If he in fact did rape her cut his balls off.

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