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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Might Be Back Together, Or Something

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were rumoured to be dating for ages, with some reports even suggesting that they were engaged last November, even though it was never even confirmed that they were anything more than friends to begin with and Amber was still apparently with ex-girlfriend and photographer Tasya Van Ree. Then apparently they split up in January so Amber could get her lady lovin’ on with some French model and now I guess maybe they’re back together again or something? Oh, I don’t even know anymore.

From The Mirror:

One minute they’re on, the next they’re off now they’re getting Stoned together. (Seeing the Rolling Stones perform, that is.)

Film idol Johnny Depp took on/off girlfriend Amber Heard on a date to see his mates Mick Jagger & Co. at their low-key gig at the Echoplex club in LA.

The pair were thought to have split in January when bisexual Amber, 27, left him for a holiday with French model Marie de Villepin.

But on Saturday night at the Stones gig, she looked like she was his (Honky Tonk) woman again (sorry).

An onlooker tells me: “Johnny and Amber were really touchy-feely when they arrived in a limo.

“They spent the night hand-in-hand and Johnny was really keen to introduce her to his mates.

“He’s a big fan of the Stones, especially Keith, and hung around near his dressing room to chat after the show.

“The party was really A-List so people just let him and Amber be. It was a great atmosphere.”

Well, sure, okay. I mean, whatever? I don’t have many feelings on this either way, only that I think Amber and Johnny will probably always break up because, well, how do I put this gently? Once you’ve been with another woman, not even Johnny Depp would be enough to put you back on the straight and narrow. Buuuuut, maybe that’s just me. Ahem.

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