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Ashton Kutcher Likes Country Music But It Don’t Like Him

ashton kutcher

I’m not sure what’s the bigger surprise here, that Ashton Kutcher likes country music enough to go an entire festival dedicated to it or that he got in a fight while there with a security guard. (Hint: neither is all that shocking.) Anyway, both happened last weekend, as Mr Punk’d headed to the Stagecoach festival in Indio, California (home of Coachella, where all other celebrities in existence were earlier this month) and got into it with an “overzealous” member of the security team while he was trying to watch Dwight Yoakam. Okay, sure, why not?

From TMZ:

According to our sources, Kutcher was in the VIP area near the stage to check out Nick 13 and Dwight Yoakam … when a woman approached him to say hi and shake his hand. We’re told when Kutcher went to greet the woman, security intervened and shoved the two of them … and chaos ensued.

Our sources say Kutcher and the security guard went at it, each violently shoving the other. Ashton’s friends had to restrain him. We’re told the guard demanded that Kutcher be ejected, but Ashton left on his own.

Eyewitnesses tell TMZ … Ashton was NOT the aggressor. They say the security guard was overzealous and out of line.

We reached out to Kutcher’s rep for comment … so far, no word back.

Listen, there’s no use telling me that Ashton wasn’t the aggressor, because he will always be the aggressor. He aggressively assaults my eyes and ears by existing in the public eye.

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