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Madonna’s Homeless Brother Gets Arrested & Injured In the Process

anthony ciccone

If you remember, Madonna‘s a total bitch who doesn’t care if her homeless drug addict brother Anthony Ciccone dies… or something. Well, Anthony ran into some trouble earlier this week when he was arrested for trespassing and hurt himself by resisting police, requiring nine stitches in his head. Well, that was smart.

From The Traverse City Record Eagle:

Anthony Gerard Ciccone, 56, is the brother of famed pop musician Madonna. He is expected to be charged with felony resisting and obstructing a police officer.

Traverse City Police Capt. Brian Heffner said Ciccone resisted a female police officer late Sunday when she attempted to restrain and arrest him on an outstanding trespassing warrant.

“He pulled away, turned around and confronted the female officer in an aggressive manner,” he said. “She turned him around and brought him to the ground, which is when he struck his face on the bathroom floor.”

Ciccone was transported to Munson Medical Center where he received several stitches. Heffner said the hospital recorded Ciccone’s blood-alcohol level at .40, or five times the level for intoxication in Michigan.

The officer originally was dispatched to the civic center at about 11 p.m. on a report Ciccone refused to leave a detached bathroom and challenged a cleaning crew. The officer also was informed about Ciccone’s warrant.

Police reports stated the warrant stemmed from a March incident in which Ciccone reclined in front of a fireplace at Horizon Books downtown and refused to leave the store.

Ciccone has several previous trespassing-related charges. Heffner said Ciccone hadn’t been aggressive in his previous dealings with police.

I don’t know what else to report about this story that won’t come off as judgmental or unsympathetic towards Anthony’s case, but I have little sympathy for addicts who could get clean if they wanted it enough. I realise that addiction is a slippery slope (as we’ve seen with Ozzy Osbourne, recently), but someone who’s a total waster and doesn’t even try, instead blaming the world around him for his troubles, needs to shut the f-ck up and get it together.

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  • How do you know he doesn’t try or that he blames the world for his troubles?

    Seriously, “I have little sympathy for addicts who could get clean if they wanted it enough”? Because it’s just like withdrawing from cookies, right?

  • This is bizarre because Traverse City is this sleepy, scenic little tourist town that is on the Lake Michigan side that is packed every summer. It is not at all gritty Detroit-ish.
    I have no idea what Madonna has or has not done about her brother. I know it would break my heart if my brother were in such terrible shape. If nothing else, Madonna is tremendously self-absorbed and thus seems like the kind of person who would throw money at a problem like this rather than invest herself personally and provide emotional support and compassion. That is what this man has needed the first day he slipped off the wagon.

  • Addicts need to hit rock bottom before they will face their problems. If you provide them with any help other than a ride to rehab or paying for rehab, you are an enabler.

    Addicts descend to a level where they become nothing more than manipulative rats. Until they realize THEY are the problem and not everyone else, it’s useless to defend them and counterproductive.

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