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Let’s Take A Moment To Think About Those In Boston

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As of now, 2 were killed and over 100 people were injured in the Boston Marathon today, Monday April 15, when 2 bombs went off. We’re going to put our celebrity snark on hold for a moment to think about those affected by the bombings. We hope that all of you are okay.

The Red Cross reported that they have received enough blood donations for today (amazing!) but you can donate tomorrow. Here is their website for more info.

Reddit has the best up to date news on the bombings. You can follow along here.

There are so many conflicting reports and rumors out there right now, so just remember, don’t believe everything that you read.

For those of you helping out, thank you for proving that the best of people can come through in the worst of situations.

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    • All that making stupid, ignorant, uneducated comments like that does is antagonize any those who hate the US and add fuel the the fire. Use your head idiot or retreat back to the couch on your porch with your shotgun and bag of White Castle – who are you helping making comments like that?

      • It is NOT an ignorant statement. Look at ALL the bombings since 9/11. Nearly all of them were done by MUSLIMS. The whole religion is nothing but a cult of death. FYI, I’m EXTREMELY educated, so that and shove it up your perfect ass

    • SO? look at all the school shootings etc. done BY AMERCIANS! just because it’s a bomb it MUST be muslims? Ignorance at it’s best. America: The place where the “EXTREMELY educated” can still have such a stupid, ignorant outlook.

  • My sincere & deepest sympathy to the people who were killed & to their parents & relatives,the rescuers did an excellent job to help the injured,you are all HEROES God bless you all. It’s terrible that there are such evil people in this world,wanting to kill wonderful & innocent people.

  • Yes it’s extremely heartbreaking, as is the US bomb that strayed from its path today and hit a wedding in Afghanistan, killing 30 innocent people. I guess the people over there don’t deserve a mention more so than reports on what James Deen and Beyonce are up to because they aren’t American. You should be ashamed of yourself evilbeet.

    • Agreed. People in Afghanistan die on a daily basis because of all those retarded presidents and USA bombs and the newspapers don’t even cover it. Is it sad and heartbreaking that so many got hurt yesterday and that innocent people lost their lives? Absolutely, I mean this event will probably get the same national crisis status as 9/11 but that is only because it is a rare occurrence (thank God). But now imagine that kind of a scene happening everyday around you and the rest of the world not giving a single flying fuck. No paramedics, no hospitals, no water, no food, no medicine; just Americas bombs trying to convince you that that is what’s necessary in order to help your country on its way to a better future. And now that I am on the subject; is Evilbeet gonna cover the fact that the PEOPLE who were watching the marathon ran over to the stall with Adidas vests (100 dollar) that they hand over to those who finish\run the marathon and STOLE those seconds after the bombs went off? America at it’s finest.

      • Penny, that was a shit shot. There are opportunists at ANY catastrophe, be it manmade or natural. To link an entire country like you did is simply ignorant.
        The world is a scary place & getting scarier by the day. Mankind as a whole is losing its sense of justice, & it will continue as long as we let people who look like they were picked last for dodge-ball, remain in power.

      • The bombings over there aren’t reported because it’s a DAILY occurrence. Therefore it is not news worthy

    • First of all, this is a gossip blog, not a current events blog. It’s their job to post about James Deen and Beyonce. Secondly, there are horrible tragedies all over the world every day. Why would Catherine “only” choose to comment on this one? Well, probably because this is a US based blog. Like it or not, when something horrible happens in the States, the ENTIRE WORLD knows about it. I’m in Canada and this is all anyone has been talking about the last day. It’s on OUR front pages, it’s on OUR radios and newscasts.
      If you want to read global news stories, go to a global news site.

      • I’m aware of the fact this is a gossip blog, I just find it disturbing that time can be taken to reflect on this situation and not the other, when they happened within the same day. And also to Luke, yes it’s a daily occurrence because America makes it that way! Unlike the SPECULATION you have that Muslims were responsible for the Boston bombing, there’s NO speculation of the fact America INDEFINATLY caused the death of 30 innocent people yesterday! Not people at war, or rioters; regular, innocent people like you and me, in the midst of a wedding. 30 of them! You don’t know these people or their beliefs, it’s ridiculous to belittle the deaths of these individuals because of things their country or religion have done. The same could be done in regards to the Boston bombing and things the American government have done or some of fucked up shit Christianity can support. I understand western media wouldn’t be able to keep on top of every little thing that happens overseas, however it’s disgusting to have the attitude of “these things happen all the time over there, so why should we care” when it’s very much related to your country as your government are the ones that caused it! How can you expect to do this kind of thing to other countries, show no remorse, make disrespectful comments, and then act surprised when bombings DO happen in your own country! It’s stupid and ignorant to support a war but then expect it to all be kept overseas. That’s a different story though because like I said in my other comment, previous acts of violence made within America, by Americans doesn’t necessarily suggest it was an act of international terrorism.

  • I’m from Boston, and let’s just say they messed with the WRONG state. We stick together in Boston. At least we have a smart president to deal with terrorists, not a dumb monkey like we had on 9/11. “drrrrrrrr, I was told we’re under attack, maybe I should of listened to the hundreds of warnings I got from the Clinton admin. Oh wait, great reason to create a fake war so I can go after Hussein who took a shot at my daddy, and let bin laden go while I have him cornered, drrrrrrrrrrr”

    • Boston? Home of the IRA in exile. How ironic. Wrong state my ass, you’ve been as big a sponsor of terrorism over the last 35 years as any Middle East state.

  • Hey Boston,

    Would you like to say sorry for 35 years of support for the IRA and the millions of dollars you donated for terrorism on the streets of Northern Ireland and England?

    Not fun, bombs in public places, is it? We had several thousand over 35 years. And you paid for them. Here is one of the atrocities you bought when you dropped those coins in the rattling NORAID tins:

    You got your money’s worth.

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