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Nicole Kidman Looks Really High In Her New Commercial For Vitamins

nicole kidman 2013

Nicole Kidman is promoting multivitamins now. Uh, okay. Why not, I guess. Yeah, move over Boniva spokeswoman Sally Field, Nicole Kidman also wants women to be all healthy and junk!

She’s really happy about these vitamins, you guys. Really, REALLY happy. Like pretending she’s an airplane, twirling around like a ballerina, dancing, talking to her fingers happy. I’m not saying that she’s high while filming this. I’m saying the director made a really interesting choice here. I mean, come on, no one gets that happy from taking vitamins. I think they were going for a carefree and breezy feel but all I see is someone who smoked a lot of weed and said, “Guys, guys, hey…let’s just play in this garden. You know? Let’s just…let’s just play.”

I love Nicole Kidman. I’m excited to see her as Grace Kelly.


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