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Nicole Scherzinger Hates Twitter, Still Sings Surprisingly Well

nicole scherzinger

Despite the fact that no one really gives a shit, Nicole Scherzinger has felt the need to let the world know that she’s really not into Twitter. She’s always on it (and Instagram, for that matter), but she doesn’t like it. This is like that annoying kid you went to college with who insisted on proclaiming how lame Facebook is while checking it about 80 times a day. That being said, she’s nuts and I love her for it.

From Live (via Now):

“I’m way better in person than I am on things like Twitter. I know Twitter is the best and fastest way to connect with fans who really appreciate you, but I’m still not cool with it – although I am trying!”

“I try my best but I’m a one-on-one person and I don’t want to tell people I’m on the toilet or I just brushed my teeth. To be honest, I miss the old Hollywood way of having some mystique about the star.”

Obviously Twitter is annoying – we all know it, but lots of us still use it (some better than others). I just think it’s hilarious that she felt the need to talk about it.  Next she’ll be saying she hates TV.

Speaking of TV, Nicole took part in Andrew Lloyd Webber: 40 Musical Years, a televised special in the UK which featured lots of English stars from the West End and beyond performing some of his greatest pieces of music. Admittedly, I’m always sort of surprised how legitimately talented the former Pussycat Dolls singer is, but goddamn if she didn’t blow ‘Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina’ from Evita out of the water. She did better than 99% of the actual stage actors! Can’t hate on this:

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