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Lady GaGa and Tony Bennett Are Recording An Album to Put You To Sleep

tony bennett lady gaga

Lady GaGa is alive and well and isn’t taking any hints from fate that she might need to take a goddamn break for a little while. Instead, she’s working as much as ever and one of her projects is a full-length jazz album with Tony Bennett asldzzzzz… oh, sorry, fell asleep on the keyboard. I’m all about the classics and Tony Bennett certain qualifies as a music legend, but that record is going to be a one way ticket to Snoozetown. Let’s let Pepaw share the news.

From Rolling Stone:

“We’re working on it from now until June, and then we’ll record in June. She’s phenomenal,” he said during a dinner at the Amy Winehouse Gala and Inspiration Awards, which recognized him with a Lifetime Achievement honor. “I get along great with her. She’s looking forward to it and so am I.”

Yeah, you two are the only ones. I love jazz music, and I love Frank Sinatra and Sam Cooke and the like, but GaGa is NOT a jazz singer. There’s no way to spin her as one. Amy Winehouse could have pulled it off, Adele could, lots of singers, but not GaGa. I’m sorry, just nope.

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