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Miley Cyrus Is Now Twerkin’ It In That K-Mart Unicorn Onesie

Miley Cyrus isn’t handling being dumped by Liam Hemsworth too well, from the looks of things. Despite putting her engagement ring back on and Instagramming it (take that, haters!), things are going downhill for poor Miley, who is still wearing that broke ass unicorn onesie and is now twerking it to ‘WOP’, recording it and putting it online for the world to see.

This video is a hot mess. Where are Miley Cyrus’s friends? Why aren’t they pulling her out of the house, or at least taking her phone, laptop and video camera away from her? I know it’s supposed to be “cute” and “quirky”, but I’m just shaking my head.

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  • Not a fan of hers but I actually thought this was kinda funny. And of course the song “Wop” kills it.

  • Thank you! I don’t understand why people are all about this video. I actually like Miley, I think she’s adorable. But the video is a little off putting. Borderline desperate.

  • I have grown really fond of Miley in the last couple of years. I think she’s a really cool young woman, and I believe she doesn’t care in the least whether you liked her video or not. That’s why I like her so much. The video is cute, she’s just having fun.

    • Seriously. I couldn’t care less about Miley, but it’s a dancing video. In a unicorn onesie. It’s ridiculous and weird and bound to make some people laugh. I don’t think Miley’s the pathetic one here.

      • You’re right, casey! I’m not a fan either but the video is pretty cool. I like it without the sound. :)

  • i think she is old enough to stop wearing a one piece, its not the first time she has wore them and i feel a litttle embarassed about it

  • Also her poor tits are just flying around all willy nilly…how does that not hurt? Put a bra on for the sake of your poor boobs, woman!

  • although i’m going to miss the brain cells i just lost whist watching that video of choreographed stoner retardation, i do love the fact that she refuses to grow up ala society’s standards. she hurts my brain, but i like her nonetheless. and never stop wearing one-piece pajamas, my fellow silly “adults”. extra points for a butt flap.

  • I’m waiting for her to pull a “Britney Spears” and just shave her head and attack a car with an umbrella. Anyone else?

  • This video is a promotion for a song she did with snoop dogg that she will be releasing soon. She is also promoting it on twitter with #mctwerkteam. I would have liked it if she were wearing regular clothes and a bra.

  • I really don’t get the desperation in this…Look through youtube and there are thousands of videos of people dancing to songs they like for fun. A famous person does the same things and it’s desperate? Even if it’s to promote a new song, she can easily get attention for it just from twitter. This seems almost like hate for the sake of hating.