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MIA’s Custody Battle With Benjamin Bronfman Is Getting Messy


MIA is the mother to a lovely little 4-year-old boy called Ikhyd with ex-fiancé Benjamin Bronfman and shit is getting ugly. Since the pair broke up, they’ve become embroiled in a pretty heated custody battle over the kid, with Bronfman’s family seeking full custody. MIA is obviously not having it, and accused him of trying to use his wealth to take Ikhyd away from her in a series of tweets (which have all been deleted now):

“BEN you cant take my son away from me ‘The mother’. Just because you have money doesn’t mean you have the right.


“Every child needs the MOTHER, I GREW UP WITHOUT A DAD. If grew up without my mother I wouldn’t be here.”

Things got even messier yesterday when MIA was hit with a restraining order after apparently threatening to take her son to London to get him away from the drama. Filed in Kings County, NY, the order bans her from taking Ikhyd out of Brooklyn.

From The New York Post:

A source tells us, “M.I.A has been texting and calling Ben, saying she will take their son to London, even though they both live in Brooklyn and the child goes to school there.” The source added, “Ben filed a motion for a temporary restraining order preventing her from taking their son to the UK against his wishes.” The court granted Bronfman’s petition, and M.I.A was served with the legal paperwork last night.

Here’s hoping this can somehow be worked out quickly and painlessly, since everyone knows it’s the kids who suffer most in situations like this. I don’t know much about MIA’s private life or why their relationship broke down (if it was ever even made public), but people need to keep that shit mature when there’s a little one involved.

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  • Why do women think they can do anything they want when they get divorced? Typical ex move. Ex wives need to learn they cant just get rid of their kids dad. I had a friend who’s ex constantly threatened to take their kid across country. Joke’s on her, he has full custody because of the threats

    • Typical ignorant response from a White man. Like America doesn’t have more than its share of homegrown trash (Honey Boo-Boo, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and any other Snookie-fied celebutante getting drunk and parading half naked on TV. And FWI, M.I.A. was born in Houndslow, England, dumbass, which is, If I recall correctly, a Western country.Which makes her ENGLISH.

    • Not only that, but Sri Lanka has a robust economy, a per capita income that is proportionally TWICE that of the US, and a much lower unemployment rate than ours. The term “Third World” is an outdated label that was created after World War 2 to columnize those countries who were economically allied with us, those who were allied with the Soviet Union, and those who were independent. Only idiots who’ve never read a sociology book before think it’s got something to do with poverty.