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Adele and Jennifer Lawrence Just Might Be Best Friends

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In what is a strange – but not really all that strange, for some odd reason – new story, it seems Adele and Jennifer Lawrence struck up a friendship at the Oscars in February and now they spend all their spare time gabbing on the phone about boys and nail polish. I’m kidding about the boys and nail polish part, but Adele is said to be helping JLaw find a place to live while she’s over in London in a few months to film the next X-Men movie.

From The Sun:

A source said: “Adele’s been hanging around with JENNIFER LAWRENCE since the Oscars.

“Jennifer’s set to come to London later this year to film an X Men movie and Adele’s recommending she move to Notting Hill, where she has a house.”

Well, okay. I think this is one case where the press is making something out of nothing. How often do you think Jennifer Lawrence and Adele have actually “hung around” together since the Oscars? My bet is less than one. Chances are, they probably ran into each other in the bathroom during a commercial break and Jennifer said, “Hey Adele, I love your kewl London accent!” and Adele was like, “OMG I’m a big fan of The Hunger Games, you should come to London!” and then Jennifer replied, “I totally am, actually – I’m filming the new X-Men movie there!” and then Adele suggested that she get a place in Notting Hill because it’s super posh. That’s exactly how it went down, I’m sure of it.

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