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Audrey Hepburn Is In A New Commerical

audrey hepburn chocolate galaxy commercial

Audrey Hepburn, despite the fact that she died in 1993, is in a brand new commercial for Galaxy Chocolate. This isn’t the first time Ms. Hepburn’s image has been used for a commercial. The Gap used her likeness to sell skinny black pants in 2006. What’s different about this commercial is that it seamlessly melds Hepburn’s old footage into new footage where it seems as though she is alive and present and acting in this commercial. It’s actually pretty incredible. Her sons gave the okay to use her likeness, saying in a press release,

[She] often spoke about her love of chocolate and how it lifted her spirit…[She] would be proud.

Before you judge them for selling out, watch the commercial. It’s a lovely, inoffensive tribute to the actress and maybe even a great way to introduce her to a new generation. (Admittedly though, I think the use of Moon River is a little cheesy.) And it’s true, Audrey really did love chocolate, this one time we were hanging out and she told me and I was like, “OMG but you’re soooo skinny” and then she told me that I was really pretty and then we went on a shopping spree with Cary Grant. True story. No but seriously, what do you think about the commercial?


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