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Lady Gaga Is Getting Surgery

Lady Gaga is in serious pain, you guys – like, way legit. I really had no idea how bad her injuries were, but apparently she needs surgery. She had to cancel her tour due to “a labral tear of the right hip” and the chronic pain it caused. She is suffering from synovitis, a “severe inflammation of joints.”

From Gaga’s Twitter page this morning:

gaga twitter pain sugery

Presumably her “Little Monsters” are freaking out and impaling themselves on unicorn horns or whatever they do. I’m sure Gaga has access to the top medical care in the country (maybe even world) and is gonna be okay, da da da do, just dance.

She also posted a photo on her Instagram account and on her Twitter account of a wheelchair with the caption “This is Emma.” When reached for comment, her publicist said, “She and Emma are just good friends.” I’m kidding.

Get well, Gaga!

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  • She is borderline-positive for Lupus, which would cause her health problems. Before you make fun of someone for having a legitimate illness, do some research. Or have a heart, I don’t care; but do something to be less ignorant.

    PS. New writer; go back to English 101 and work on proofreading. Thank you.

    • I don’t believe Miss St. Ives was making fun of Gaga injuries , the little monsters were under fire tho. Sounds to me like you’re a little monster looking for a unicorn… Good luck with that ! BTW…writers don’t do their own proofing.

    • Talk about proof reading shouldn’t it be spelled southernraised and not sourthernraised ? Just saying in case you would like to fix it ! I could be wrong !

      • Seriously? Julia, you are without a doubt the LAST person to be giving advice on spelling. I am, however, glad you only used 2 exclamation points in this post

      • It’s only one bitchin’…. I totally got your nic! I was, however, bustin on Julia. Reading her posts sometimes makes my head ache!

  • She should retire. If she has “borderline” lupus, what better time to retire and care for her health than right now. This moment.

  • Chaz … I was trying to be nice about the persons name ! Their are nice people out their , I was by no means bitching ! I’m glad they explained it and for you I hope I give you a fucking migraine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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