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Rihanna Got a Bottle Thrown at Her Over Chris Brown

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It’s a tale as old as time: Chris Brown and Rihanna get loved up, he beats her to a bloody pulp and they break up, they reunite and give each other weed for Valentine’s Day, they ignore each other in clubs and then Rihanna gets a Lucozade bottle thrown at her by an angry fan who thinks she shouldn’t be with America’s least favourite shit stain. That last part is exactly what happened this weekend in London after RiRi showed off her new “fashion collection” for the high street retailer River Island. We won’t even get into the “pieces” in that range, but let’s just say, it wasn’t good.

Anyway, via journalistic bible The Daily Mail:

Rihanna was left bleeding on a night out with party-girl Cara Delvingne after being bottled by a crazed fan who ‘screamed at her about Chris Brown’.

The Bajan singer ended her night at The Box nightclub with a cut knee after being ‘assaulted’ by the stranger, who hurled abuse at her regarding her union with Brown, outside the exclusive nightspot.

According to eye-witnesses, the injury came after the unidentified fan threw a bottle of Lucozade at the singer, before flinging a stream of insults about her on-off boyfriend.

In the commotion, Rihanna fell against a shop shutter and grazed her knee.

I mean, listen, no one deserves to be physically assaulted in any sense, but it’s a shame that bottle didn’t knock some damn sense into her at the same time. This is a bit of a non-story, really – after all, the bloody knee she got from falling into the shutter of a closed shop or whatever was minor at best. She’s probably hurt herself worse making mac and cheese during a munchie binge.

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  • Brillent Story…brawhahaha . Anyone else wanna now refer to Chris Brown just as ” the shit stain “? Also , RiRi and the possible harm from Mac & Cheese ? Thank you for Monday Morning laugh attack.

  • I don’t feel bad for her at all ! She probably got turned on by that shit !! She is a very sick girl who gets turned on by being assaulted and then she keeps coming back for more !! Who knows Chris is still bashing her face in and she can’t ever tell anyone because we already think she’s crazy so he has her right where he wants her !!!

  • I shouldn’t be laughing but the fact that you specified it was a Lucozade bottle fucking cracks me up. That said, how about we stop blaming victims of abuse?

  • Their getting together is none of anyones business but theirs. Some of you cannot manage your own lives