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Sarah Jessica Parker Says “No Thanks” to a ‘Carrie Diaries’ Appearance

Listen, don’t act like you didn’t watch and love Sex and the City back in its heyday. The terrible puns, the over-the-top storylines, Big… ah, it was great in its heyday. Then the movies came around and sort of ruined everything, but whatever. Since the show’s stars don’t really want a Sex and the City 3: F-cking Our Way to the Retirement Home, someone got the bright idea to make a prequel – because we all care about Carrie Bradshaw as a teenaged harpy – and bring it to the world’s classiest TV network, The CW.

The Carrie Diaries seems like it’d be terrible in every way possible, and it is, but also… it’s not? It’s embarrassingly kinda good, if you look at it as a totally different entity from the original show. AnnaSophia Robb plays a young Carrie and has all the cloying ugh-ness that the adult Carrie does, so at least it’s true to the character. You might think Sarah Jessica Parker would be thrilled to make an appearance on The Carrie Diaries as… something. In a flash-forward scene or something? Anyway, think no further: she’s not feeling it.

From The National Enquirer:

“Sarah doesn’t need the money and wasn’t sure appearing on the show would be the right career move,” an insider told National Enquirer. “It would be like taking a step backward. So she’s said goodbye to Carrie forever. Plus, who wants to be compared to a teenager?”

The Carrie Diaries has already hit screens in America and AnnaSophie admits she felt nervous when the day dawned.

She was even concerned about what Sarah Jessica would make of the show, which made a move by the older actress even sweeter for the young star.

“[Sarah Jessica Parker] sent me a very lovely note just kind of giving me her blessing and encouraging me and telling me how excited she was and how dear the part was to her, and so that was huge for me because, you know, I was obviously nervous,” AnnaSophia recently explained. “I was, like, ‘Is this OK?’ And so it just meant a lot to be able to have her blessing.”

I like picturing Sarah Jessica Parker as a saint who walks around blessing people and things she approves of and tapping them with a bejeweled Alexander McQueen scepter or something. Can’t say I blame her on this one.

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  • Its obviously based on Sex and The City, but the Carrie Diaries were actually successful books that the network the CW decided to pick up and turn into TV. So they didn’t just “come up” with the idea to do a prequel, they decided it would be a good adaptation on screen because of the success of not only the original show but of the books themselves.

  • I was in college when the show was at its height. Loved it, watched every Sunday (right before I would bawl my eyes out at Band of Brothers). Everyone always thought they were Carrie, I was definitely Samantha – hey, it was a LONG time ago!! I catch the reruns a couple of times a week on E! when my son is napping and, to this day, can start at any point in any episode and know what happens, who said what & how they said it. Shameless, I know! Too bad they just shat all over it with the films, though.