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Allison Williams Watches Her ‘Girls’ Sex Scenes With Her Dad

I hate Girls and think it’s a terrible show made by a whiny rich girl with no real grip on reality, but the news is slow this morning and Allison Williams is at least slightly better than Lena Dunham (who isn’t, though?), so let’s go with it. Plus, I’m sure many of you think that show’s the bee’s knees and will tell me that in the comments.

In any case, it’s a family affair at the Williams household and during an interview on Anderson Live, Allison admitted that the whole clan comes together to watch Girls, which is way less awkward than you’d think. No, really!

“It’s a unique experience. So far we’ve watched all of the episodes for the first time together. I filmed them, so I know what’s coming and I can prepare them. There have been times when I’m watching with my little brother and I’ve pulled the brim of his baseball cap down.”

I wish I had anything to say about this one, really. I wouldn’t want to watch any sex scenes with my parents, let alone ones I was in, but good for them, I guess?

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  • i’m so glad somebody doesn’t like ‘girls’. i think it’s an ok show, but i’m so sick of everybody being crazy about it!

  • Well I agree that it is made by a whiny rich girl and nowhere near realistic, but I still find it entertaining.

    • I find that having lived in New York and Los Angeles that this show is way more realistic than anything else in this category …

  • I like you just a tich more for thinking girls is actually annoying and mildly ridiculous. You nailed it with the rich girl bit

  • I officially love you now. I don’t really hate Dunham, maybe because I stopped watching the show after the first 5 episodes.

    But I do completely hate Girls and the whole “voice of our generation” thing, and even some of the hate it gets (Specially when is about the lack of different races. Being latina and italian, the last person I’d like to try and write something I could relate to just because of my ethnicity would be Lena Dunham).