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Lil Mama Will Play Left Eye in the TLC Biopic

Prepare to twist your face into a “What the hell?” squint, because Lil Mama is set to play the role of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes in the upcoming TLC biopic. Two questions:

1. Why is Lil Mama still working?

2. Why is there a TLC biopic? (I mean, CrazySexyCool was classic and all, but really?)

The casting news was revealed by MC Lyte, who described Lil Mama to Hip Hollywood as a “talented lady whose chances were cut short”.  Uh, cut short by what, her crashing the stage at the MTV VMAs in 2009? I don’t see it, but okay. Here’s the full quote, anyway:

“I’m gonna put a little bit of concentration and focus on helping to uplift a sister, who is talented, smart, witty, and just had her chances cut too short and that’s Lil Mama, ’cause she is a talented young lady. So I want to see her do some beautiful things.”

The only beautiful thing I can see Lil Mama doing is retiring, but maybe that’s just me. I just hope they put Left Eye burning up her ex-man Andre Rison’s tennis shoes and his entire mansion in the TLC movie. That alone would be worth the ticket price.

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  • 1) Who the hell is Lil Mama?
    2) Can you drag up any more lame, BS, boring, irrelevant & yawn inducing stories? Really? This is both a question and a challenge.

  • I’ve seen Lil Mama on America’s Best Dance Crew, but – though I know she’s a “celebrity judge” – I have never heard of her otherwise. But if she had brown contacts in, I could totally see her as Left Eye!

  • What a waste of time. She was nothing but a slut. By the way, you don’t drive like a bat out of hell where she died for no reason at all. She dug her own grave, let her rot. The psycho bitch should of been put in prison after she tried to burn down Andres mansion

  • I saw lil mama on America’s Best Dance Crew and that’s it. I haven’t heard of her outside of that show. Also, I totally thought she was in her 30’s when I saw her on the show, and that was at least 2 years ago. I can’t believe she’s only 23!!!

  • Wow. Insensitive much? First of all, everyone who spends any amount of time googling knows that Lisa Left Eye Lopez was an Illuminati blood sacrifice…duuuuuh. Until you have Professor as a title, I suggest you refrain from questioning Professor Griff’s theories. As for Little mama, how much more talent does one need? Her Lip gloss be poppin alright. On MCLYTES (*) -Thats a vagina.

      • A long time ago, your mom was all like, “Hey, I’m going to start a super-secret organization made up of the world’s most powerful people. Together we will pool our evil powers, much like the Legion of Doom.” Years later, she called up George W. Bush, who was busy polishing his skull ring, and he was all like, “Gee momma, what do you want to do tonight?” She replied, “The same thing we do every night, George–try to take over the world.”

  • Actually, foo- lishness aside I think she will do a great job pf presenting Lisa’s exuberance, charm and playful nature.
    R.I.P. Lisa Left-eye Lopez.