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Nigella Lawson’s Refrigerator Is An Homage To Missy Elliott

Nigella Lawson is amazing: she’s beautiful, she makes amazing food, she’s English… what more is there to talk about? For someone who makes her living cooking diabolically delicious dishes, the fact that her refrigerator at home is absolutely massive should come as no surprise. What does come as a surprise, however, is that her kitchen equipment was inspired… by Missy Elliott?

From People:

“I saw Missy Elliott had the world’s biggest fridge, and I thought, ‘One day I’ve got to have that fridge!’ ” says Lawson, as she gestures toward the 7-ft.-tall Sub-Zero appliance at one end of her expansive London kitchen.

“So it’s called the Missy Elliott Memorial Fridge. It is so huge, but I love it.”

The Missy Elliott Memorial Fridge! How good is that? It’s a simultaneous burn because she’s not dead, but her career seems to be. (Shut up in the comments, I’m a massive hip hop fan and know she’s featured on a few records, just leave me be.) Also, here’s a tid-bit that’ll blow your mind grapes: Nigella is 53!!! Say what?

One more thing: her Everyday Brownies are diabolically good, and you should make some immediately.

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