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Ginnifer Goodwin Is Obsessive About Her Health… and Listerine?

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Ginnifer Goodwin is a bit odd, isn’t she? She’s like something straight out of Lord of the Rings (she’d be an Elf, obviously) or something. Also, she’s a pretty terrible actress. I absolutely love Once Upon a Time, partly because everyone in that show is horrendous at acting (Lana Parrilla excepted!) and also because it’s pretty clever and almost – but not quite – great.

In any case, celebs are forever endorsing products for a quick buck and Ginnifer is no exception (I once thought she was going to start shilling for Weight Watchers) – she’s now the spokesperson for… Listerine. I can’t hate on that because dental health is def important – nobody’s trying to have rotten teeth and bleeding gums, over here – but Listerine is the worst because they use alcohol in their mouthwash (ACT anticavity is the jump off, for the record). Either way, Ginnifer is cashing Listerine’s checks and is apparently even using their shit on her off time.

From The Huffington Post:

How many times a day do you brush/floss? And be honest!
Well, before this, I’ve always been a twice-a-day brusher. I try to floss every day — that’s not true — I don’t try to floss. If you tried to floss every day then you would. I do floss several times a week, but I know that we’re supposed to do it every day. Now that I’ve been educated about oral health, my habits are changing. Today I started swishing with LISTERINE® twice a day. It only takes 30 seconds twice a day, and it will virtually clean 100 percent of your mouth.

Ginnifer also had some other beauty tips to share:

What’s one beauty/hygiene routine you’re absolutely obsessive about?
Oh my gosh, I feel like I’m really obsessive about anything dealing with my health. I’m very careful not to over-wash my face. I don’t pick at anything — as my grandma taught me not to.

What’s one beauty product you absolutely swear by?
Extra-virgin organic coconut oil! It’s a miracle product. You can eat it, put it on your cuticles, shave your legs with it … it’s pretty stunning. I wash my face with it, put it on my lips and I also use it as moisturizer.

Coconut oil is good, I feel her on that, and picking your face is gross (but sometimes so tempting). I still think Listerine sucks, though.

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  • She has very lopsided ears! Her right ear is high and sticks out while the left lays flat and is lower. Her face is drastically different from right to left too. How strange. “Quirky”?

  • First of all, stop reading the Huffington Post. It’s run by an alien, funded by an alien. Get your info from other small sites run by people like you, not some rich bitch.

    Second, what the hell name is Ginnifer? Can’t she just use the normal spelling? Or is it some variant that only cool people like she know?

  • Well, that reference was about as obvious as all the brand new Hyundais on The Walking Dead. At least I HOPE Listerine is paying her. Also, flossing twice a week is pretty gross.

  • I think she may have had constructive ear surgery that what it looks like but she is pretty. I get her confused at times with Tom Cruise’s ex. Then I saw the ear thing. She did a good job in Something Borrowed though.