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Shakira and Gerard Piqué Show Off Their Baby Boy

Newsflash: Colombia’s favorite she-wolf and footballer boyfriend Gerard Piqué have had a baby boy! This is another case where hotness cancellation could happen, but luckily for them, it didn’t. Baby Milan was born in Barcelona on January 22 and while most celebs would be cashing the check of the first mag to offer them $20k for those oh-so exclusive first photos, Shakira has a bit more class and has used the opportunity to draw attention to a worthy cause.

Taking to her Twitter page on Monday, Shakira directed followers to her UNICEF page, where she shared a photo of Piqué holding little Milan. She hoped doing so would encourage people to donate to UNICEF to allow the organization to help children who are less fortunate:

As for the photo, isn’t Milan adorable? Good on Shakira for ignoring an opportunity to be a fame whore and instead genuinely attempting to use her celebrity to do some good.

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  • I think it’s wonderful when celebrities give back it show humanity which not many celebrities have :( she also did this at here baby shower and she set up an on line place where you could donate to UNICEF during her pregnancy and baby shower it was really a great idea and I wish more people would do things like this !!! I’m sure Kim k will have some multi million dollar star studded baby shower where the gift will consist of diamonds,furs and gold !!!! Don’t worry it will be on tv for all to see !!!! I swear her and beyonce should be best friends because she bragged about some super expensive gift she got for blue ivy !!! One of them was a million dollar bracelet !!!! Why would you buy your kid that except to brag !!!! The kid was only like a month old !!! I think Kim and beyonce don’t want to be friends because they don’t want to fight for the spot light !!!! You know there no camera lens big enough to fit two huge fat asses :)

  • I just don’t get the name… Catalan (Piqué’s first language –and mine–) has so many beautiful names (like Piqué’s or mine!), why name the child after a city in northern Italy?? :(

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