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Amy Adams is Cute but Wrong

Amy Adams, Oscar Nominees Luncheon photos, pictures

The Oscars are just a few weeks away and, to our pleasure, Hollywood is buzzing with celebs congregating at luncheons, dinners, photo-ops and then some more luncheons and dinners.  While browsing through some of the images from these star-studded events, I stumbled upon Amy Adams in a purple dress that made me cringe and disapprovingly  shake my head.

Tsk-tsk, Amy… This is not how you strike a pose, unless you are someone’s unmarried aunt in the privacy of your own home on a Sunday afternoon, and you want to throw a last cursory look in the mirror to make sure you haven’t tucked your skirt into the back of your panties (I have done that) before you go downstairs to bake a banana bread.  I mean, this dress is so unflattering!  Amy has always given me the pleasant vibe of a homely, sweet-natured woman, and I think she’s a brilliant actress, but the dress… no.

Adams did a little better in a lace LBD at the dinner for the Hollywood Reporter 2013 Oscar nominees last night, yet again, something is amiss.  Is it the tan platform shoes?  I don’t know.  Enlighten me.

Amy Adams pictures, photos

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  • Hey! I found myself in a hotel with this broad once & she was a DELIGHT I tell y’all. Just want to put a good word out there since I shit talk about most other celebrities – Amy Adams is a straight up good person! We talked about her old movie Drop Dead Gorgeous & what a gem it is; she didn’t mind at all that I was geekin’ out. She said she wished it had come out nowadays, then more people would’ve ‘got’ it. Instead it’s kind of a cult classic now… Anyway, yeah, for reals good woman, this lass. Love seeing her succeed (even if that floral frock is horrendous, and yes, black heels would’ve been a wiser choice. :P)

  • *room, hotel room…, sounds naughty…
    And platforms are only acceptable (in my world) if doused in glitter, if they’re a BOOT, and if they’re on the feet of David frikkin’ Bowie in the 70s. Hot! The high heel platforms are way too strippery for the gaw damn red carpet JUSS SAYIN’.