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Kristin Chenoweth Ain’t Feeling American Airlines’ Nonsense

Kristin Chenoweth is pretty much close to royalty in several communities – there’s the Broadway community, the animal loving community and of course, the gay community. I don’t know what kind of monster you have to be not to recognize a queen when she looks you in the eye, but apparently American Airlines didn’t get the message and messed with the wrong bitch aboard a flight late last month:

From TMZ:

The altercation went down this week as Kristin boarded a flight from Dallas to L.A.. We’re told Kristin had her emotional support dog in tow — as she always does — when she was confronted by a gate agent supervisor who claimed Kristin didn’t have the proper paperwork to bring the dog on board.

When Kristin protested, insisting she had done everything correctly, the agent got “verbally abusive” in front of several passengers … scolding the actress … and Kristin was so shaken up, she burst into tears.

Eventually airline officials realized a mistake had been made — and Kristin was allowed to board the flight with her dog. Whoops.

After the flight, Kristin tweeted, “American Airlines: Dallas flight attnt supervisor Ms. Kidwell. Abuse not okay. #tripfromhell.

Obviously American later realized the error of their ways and made a public statement, saying:

“We have been in touch with Ms Chenoweth to offer our apologies for the misunderstanding,” a spokesperson said. “We refunded the cabin pet charge as soon as we realized the mistake. We hope she will consider flying American again in the future.”

Hell no. I flew American once from New York to Manchester and once was all it took for me to realise that they suck and I’ll stick with British Airways (the best airline in existence, for the record), even if I do often have to do that hellish layover at Heathrow. Their planes are dirty, they only have those TVs that come down from the ceiling every 7 or 8 rows and their customer service is ass, as is their tendency to delay flights. Boo all around.

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  • Some people are on such authority trips that they think they can say and treat you anyway they want and know you can’t say anything or someone will come take you away and put you in a tiny room until they want to let’s you out !!! I think the airline authorities need to get a grip and know the facts before they run off with their mouths !!!! I travel ALOT and I have seen them be so rude to people for no reason !!!! Like they are doing us a favor to even say welcome aboard !!!! With all the money I spend on flying I would at least like a friendly smile !!!! They seem to be the more hostile people then the passengers !!!! Maybe they need to take a class on how to treat the paying customer !!!! We don’t need them to kiss our ass just be polite !!!!

  • Ashleigh—sympathetic much? For some people flying causes great anxiety, add to that some bitch on a power trip yelling at you unnecessarily, embarrassing you and drawing attention to you with a large group of people as witnesses…you might burst in to tears too. With your attitude, you seem to be the type of person Ms. Kidwell is.

    • I’m sure Ashleigh is capable of being ‘sympathetic’ when the situation warrants sympathy…this is not such an instance.

  • I cannot condone it. I don’t normally like tiny Snooki sized chirpy voiced blondes but they have gone to far with Kristin. I am against it, I tells you.

  • Just sounds like a serious case of entitlement on both persons’ accounts.
    I’m anxious when I fly, but I’m pretty sure my doctor would laugh right to my face if I even suggested getting a dog to fly with me.

    Which is the other thing. If her dog is so helpful why did she cry? All you have to do is ask for a manager, resolve the situation and enjoy real life.

    • Wow! What universe do you live in? Even if the manager comes (well after you have missed your flight) all they would do is side with the Ms. Kidwell’s of the world and make you feel like a bigger piece of crap. American Airlines BLOW!

      • Or they possibly could have realized their mistake, which they did, and then file a complaint with whoever yelled at her instead of crying about it, and complaining on twitter.

    • You don’t have the ability to put yourself in other people’s shoes, Ashleigh so I can someone can ream you out for no reason in front of a huge crowd. YAY!

      • I think it’s difficult to ‘put yourself in someone else’s shoes’ when the ‘someone else’ is an entitled nutjob. For instance, I’m going to TRY to put myself in Kristen, Nik and Katie’s shoes by becoming unreasonably distressed by minor, everyday inconveniences that are blown wildly out of proportion by sycophant fans and the abuse of social media…wow, this is hard! Well, maybe I’ll just misspell a bunch of stuff and fail at sarcasm and life. Yay.

        *yes, I am mocking you. Perhaps you can find a support dog to help you through this HORRIFYING post.

  • The TSA and airlines are such a nightmare these days. I’m surprised they didn’t grope her, rob her, declare her a flight risk and refuse to let her board the plane and accidentally kill her dog. I think she’s a mentally challenged ditz (with a service dog because of her mental handicap) or a self-entitled narcissistic diva (if she’s lying about her mental handicap that requires her to have a service dog) but the airlines and TSA are way out of control.

    Only one question: Does she have a handicap sticker on her car because she is handicapped by her high heels and need to carry her little dog everywhere?

    • I just rolled my eyes when I heard about Kristin’s “horrifying” experience. Self-entitled twat is a kind description of her idiocy. Whoever dreamed up this whole “emotional support dog” crap should be slapped non-stop for days.

      • Word to the nth degree! Have you noticed they’re always teacup chihuahua, toy yorkie, or some other rat/canine hybrid. I actually had a seat across the aisle from this hag with the fattest chihuahua ive ever seen, had to be 10/11lbs, its stomach almost touched the ground. Hag kept talking baby-talk to little Pepe, fuckin thing yipped, coughed/hacked and yakked from the time we took off. I put on my headphones pulled out a book, Pepe starts spazzing out, growling & barking. Hag said I should remove my headphones because Pepe was a rescue dog and the previous owner who abused Pepe wore hats. I politely told her she and her dog should stuff it, hag starts buzzing for the flight attendant. Long story short, spent the rest of my trip in first class with a voucher for 2 more roundtrip first class tickets.

      • That’s story is excellent, Chaz! I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds the whole “emotional support dog” idea really stupid.

      • I’d understand and be supportive if it was someone with autism or something. Truly, if flying gives someone that much anxiety, take the fucking train….

    • If I hadn’t witnessed so many people pulling a handicapped parking thing out of the glove box in order to park close – people who have NO HANDICAP – but got the parking thing in their blind, deaf Mother’s name and use it 100% of the time – I wouldn’t feel so skeptical and bitter about this woman’s “service dog”. I couldn’t do that. I’ve got friends in wheelchairs. I understand the value of a handicapped space. It disgusts me that they’re so self-centered.

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