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Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem Are Having Another Hot Baby

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem are hot, hot, hot (that’s caliente, for our Latina audience) and the best way to perpetuate hotness is by procreating, thereby passing it on to future generations. Then again, it could go the other way and the hotness from the parents could cancel one another out, creating one fugly child. Considering they’ve already done this successfully once before, though, we’ll assume the new baby is going to be muy guapo/a. Shut up, I have to put four years of Spanish to use somehow.

Seriously, though, how adorable was their 2-year-old son Leonardo when he was little? Not that you can really see him all that well in the photo, but oh well:

People broke the news, while also sharing Cruz’s comments on how she was affected by motherhood:

“Nature is very wise and gives you nine months to prepare, but in that moment – when you see that face, you are transformed forever.”

Funny, I was transformed forever just last night when I tried the new Kit Kats with peanut butter. Different strokes, different folks. Congrats to the happy couple!

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  • Okay! I didn’t want to be mean because you’ve just started, but as a Spaniard I HAD to say this: these two are not Latinos, they are from Spain, in Europe, so the reference to a Latino audience is completely out of place because they are European actors, more famous in Italy, France, or Portugal than in Latin America, where they have barely done any work. A Latino audience is not going to recognise them as one of them because they are not. It’d be akin to my expecting Americans to know all British actors because you all speak English. Plus, Spanish isn’t just spoken in Latin America so if you could just say Spanish-speaking audience it’d be better. So there you go. Keep on keeping on!

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