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13Isabel Lucas is Most Probably an Alien

Isabel Lucas in Sydney, Christian Dior opening, photos, pictures

I am aware that I am taking a chance with Isabel Lucas, especially in that thing of a dress, but if I’ve learned something about my profession in the past ten years, it is to follow my instincts (that, and to always proofread to see if I’ve left any words out).  So, I’ll to go ahead and try to get you interested in Isabel Lucas.

There’s something to her, isn’t there?  Something off, but not necessarily in a bad way.  To me, she looks like she’s of another species – as The Rolling Stones once put it, a “Siamese cat of a girl” (and I am sure they mean it in the ‘slightly cross-eyed, obnoxiously-yowling’ sense).  Or better yet, a Decepticon Transformer.  That might explain why, so far, she has been somewhat typecast in utopic and futuristic films such as The Immortals and the new remake of Red Dawn. But seriously, is Lucas a real-life woman at all?

I find her rather freakishly pretty, and although I am unsure about her acting skills, I am still very fascinated.  Isabel Lucas is Australian, if this has anything to do with it, and the most recent sighting of her was in Sydney at a Christian Dior store opening.  I’ve seen her in a much better state of fitness and attire, but again – how exotic! What do you guys think?  Are you as infatuated as I am, or do you hate the skinny bitch?

February 1, 2013 at 5:30 pm by Bobby Pfeiffer
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13 Responses to “Isabel Lucas is Most Probably an Alien”

  1. meh says:

    I have zero idea who this chick is but your proofreading thing made me laugh out loud because apparently I’m a giant dork.

  2. Junebug says:

    Who ?

  3. mireee says:

    Yeah she looks a bit like an alien, like Devon Aoki or Lily Cole. They all have that sort of aetheral face or quality to them.

  4. jullicious says:

    i do not see what you see at all, i see an extremely thin Chelsea Handler crossed with Julie Benz, both “meh”

  5. Sandy says:

    hmm definitely alien…
    Lily Cole is unbelievably ugly, even for an alien, how can she be a model?

    • mireee says:

      Once my friend who modelled told me that most models are really, really plain-looking people and what we see on ads is a ton of make up and photoshop. What agencies look for is a talent to show the product (whatever that means) rather than actual physical beauty.

  6. pikki nikki polka pants says:

    Didn’t Leo Decraprio hit that? Not my cup of tea girl-crush-wise… Meh indeed. Wicked brows.

  7. Miley is an ugly skank says:

    too skinny

  8. L.E. says:

    Her knee has a face.

  9. Kroai says:

    so pretty.
    it bad photo

  10. CazMinx says:

    She is such a fucking space cadet, someone search youtube and see if you can find her amazing acting from Home and Away.

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