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Jennifer Lawrence’s Dress Fell Apart at the SAGs

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Hey, look! While Jennifer Lawrence was accepting her award for Best Female Actor, her dress came undone! Can you even believe it? I can, because that dress was mad weird and unstable-looking from the get-go, and while it’s always good publicity (for the most part) when a celebrity has a wardrobe malfunction (unless you’re Anne Hathaway), it’s probably not good when it makes the dress you’re wearing look super cheap and flimsy (it’s not; it’s a Christian Dior and his stuff’s not all that inexpensive, you know).

What a great look for girlfriend, huh? Bless her little heart.

Here’s what the dress looked like before it all went to shit:

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  • How did she carry it off? Do you have a vid clip of how it went down? Luckily for her, she still looks gorgeous and her legs look nice, but how awkward and embarrassing that would be…. unless it’s planned…

  • I just saw some gossip recap on TV that said it didn’t rip. it was an overlaid, accordion-style dress. As she tried to lift it on the stairs, the section revealed the mesh underlay. No malfunction after all! I still don’t have an answer for why she’s trying to get all of Hollywood sick, though.

    • I read that, too. Apparently she was wearing the bottom part pulled up to hide the layer that was see-through and it slipped down when it got caught on her chair.