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Lindsay’s Real Excited to Be With Max from The Wanted, Huh?

photo of lindsay lohan max the wanted pictures
What the hell is this? Is this a victory dance or something? The old “I got a man!” strut? That what this is all about? Gang signs? Nose-picking? Peek-a-boo? I don’t get it.

Thing is, I thought Max was done with Lindsay. He did, after all, say a few weeks ago that there were no “babies on the horizon.” No, he really did. In an interview with E!, Max said this about Lindsay:

She was good to party with, but there’s definitely not going to be any babies on the horizon.

And a mere week after that (and kindly note the usage of the word “had,” also), Max allegedly talked to Yahoo!, where he called Lindsay nothing more than a groupie:

What’s the right word for her? A yeah, a groupie!

But apparently, all’s fair in love and war making people less famous than you take pictures in a hotel room to make it look like you’re humping on the regular. But hey—whatever works for you, right, girl?