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Guess the Celebrity: Chef Edition

photo of paula deen in 1965 pictures
Guys! It’s not Liz Taylor, but gosh, isn’t she sure pretty?

Here’s three hints:

—This lady was recently under fire (not grease fire) for “promoting diabetes” (which is a crock, but that’s a rant for another day)
—This lady has *the best* recipes aside from my personal favorite chef, John Besh
—She’s looking better than ever lately

Jump in to find out who it is!

photo of paula deen thin pictures photos
Yes, it’s Paula Deen! And isn’t she just the most perfect little southern belle who ever lived? Look at that dress! That hair! That face! That waist!

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  • Okay, Paula Deen does *not* have the best recipes ever. Her food is so gross. And I’m not someone who is opposed to butter or fat or anything, but there’s really nothing special about what she cooks other than its fat content. Also, I agree with the comment about her seeming fake. I say this as someone who has seen a LOT of her show because an elderly woman I take care of loves it.