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Not Sure How I Feel About Beyonce’s New GQ Cover

photo of beyonce cover gq magazine pictures
This is Beyonce’s new (leaked, incidentally) GQ cover, and frankly, I don’t think I like it all that much. Granted, Beyonce has a banging body, and no one can take that away from her, but it just seems so … well, so seedy for someone like Beyonce. Or rather, for someone like Beyonce who acts like they’re better than pretty much everyone and everything else, except for when a magazine like GQ comes a’knocking and offers a sum of money that anyone short of Angelina Jolie would be silly to pass up.

Yeah, that’s probably more accurate, I guess. While Beyonce definitely gives us the impression that she feels she’s better than all of us combined because she hangs out with the President and his wife and vacations in places I’ve never even heard of, it’s all a facade. She’s on her way out and she knows it. Yes, now that I think of it, I can totally understand why Beyonce just looks … well, simple and desperate in this cover photo, and it’s because Beyonce is kind of simple and desperate, now, isn’t she?

Don’t you just love when you’re able to talk it all out and answer your own questions?

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