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But Why Are You So Crazy All of a Sudden, Courteney Cox?

First of all, she’s had so much Botox or lip plumpers or something around her mouth that she can barely speak a sentence without stretching the corners of her mouth to her ears. Weird. Also? It’s a pretty funny interview, and if you can keep in mind that this lady used to be Monica Gellar on ‘Friends’, then you’re ahead of the game. Courteney also talks about peeing on her balcony so the dogs have a spot to mark, and it’s pretty enjoyable.

Yay drugs!

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    • You think she’s ruined it? I think she looks OK except for a wider mouth. Did she have that before?

      I never watched Friends and only remember seeing her in the Scream series.


      Eh, she’s had a lot of plastic surgery but she doesn’t look that different. She’s aged. So do we all.

      Her personality, I don’t find weird though. I mean, she’s slightly kooky, but that can happen if you’re really excited. She appears excited and nervous.


      I forgot Courteney’s first real role was Masters of the Universe in ’87.

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