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    • Yes, it is. If not “physical” abuse, then surely emotional.

      This silly bitch is already teaching her three-year-old daughter that there’s something wrong with her by waxing her eyebrows. She’s already projecting her own insecurities onto a little child – a child who can’t yet understand them.

      Poor kid’s going to grow up with a plethora of issues.

  • you wish. If it were the US wouldn’t have those g-d-awful child pageants. What those mums do to their kids – from waxing to bleaching to tanning – they should be shot.

  • Why does she care about some extra hair on her 3 yr old?! Girl, this shit can wait until the child starts to care about her appearance.. tween years the earliest!! And goddamn, that horrid spelling! You are on the Internet! If you aren’t sure how to spell something, just google it! Lazy, uneducated, dumbass..

  • I have very dominant brows but didn’t start plucking them until I was 20. Before, it didn’t really bother me.
    Now, if I would have a daughter and she’ll inherit my brows I’d pluck hers if she wants to. No matter what age, even if she would be only 3. But only if she feels uncomfortable with her natural brows and wants to change it.
    So I’m not really against reshaping your girls brows but why with wax? At least that Teen Mom used tweezers. But wax??? How stupid are you?

  • its just hair? we cut our head hair for why? make it easy to manage it? yes. but we also grow it long as kid girls can do and that is hard for managing. do they grow it long for style? i think its just hair so is not to bad. maybe if i had big unibrow i might like it when i see old photos. i might be vain. but i might not want it to be big story :)

  • Well she also might not want her little girl being different from all the rest because of a unibrow. Maybe she was worried she was going to get made fun of because of it. Little kids, especially little girls, can be very cruel at any little difference.

  • I’m actually REALLY bummed that I read this post last night because it made me so ragey. There are so, so many things wrong with the fact that she A) tried to wax her 3 year-old’s eyebrows, and B) PLUCKED THEM IN HER SLEEP after her 3 year-old pitched a fit about having HOT WAX on her FACE. Then? Well, then I read some of her other posts. How the freck does this woman have a published book??? I know 9 year-olds with better sentence structure, grammar, and spelling capabilities. It’s horrendous, actually. If she is going to put that shite on the interwebs, for all the world to see, she should at least have someone with half a brain proof-read it for her.

  • Shes 3!!! are you seriously sticking up for this abusive mother?

    This is more of a case of the mother to not be embarrassed of her child while out in public for looking unique. She really has gone to far here and should be brought up on charges. Make an example of her.

  • I’ve been plucking my daughter’s unibrow since she was 1…she is now 7 and is more conceited than ever. Nobody can tell her she is ugly…she lets them know. She has very high self esteem…she sees me pluck my eyebrows and just looks at it as being ‘normal’ grooming. Kids are mean and I think that her schoolmates picking on her and calling her names would be way harder on her self esteem than me teaching her how to groom herself earlier than others. No one wants to look back at babypics of themselves to see a big ol unibrow instead of a beautiful little baby. If my son had a unibrow I would pluck his too…