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22… But What Are You Doing With Your Face, Selena Gomez?

photo of selena gomez fat face pictures
I don’t know. The lady messing with her fingernails doesn’t know. Hell, Selena Gomez herself probably doesn’t even know, but want to hear a secret? Because I’ll tell you a secret that’s probably not so secret once you hear it (actually, to be frank, it wouldn’t be a secret once you heard it, because that’s not really how secrets work, now, is it?): whatever Selena Gomez is doing with her face isn’t all that good.

Granted, it’s a funny face. We all make funny faces—I make funny faces in the bathroom mirror just to make myself laugh, and then when people outside of the closed bathroom door ask me what I’m doing in the bathroom that’s making me laugh, I have to laugh again, because come on. Life’s funny. Here’s one of my favorite funny faces (hint: it’s mine):

And here’s another:

Here’s a funny thing I can do with my tongue (you can also see up my nose, too, if you’re into that sort of thing and OH! My uvula!):

And oh God, here’s my demon face:

You’re welcome.

January 7, 2013 at 1:30 pm by Sarah
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22 Responses to “… But What Are You Doing With Your Face, Selena Gomez?”

  1. That thing you do with your tongue. What is this sorcery?!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I like the second one! My tongue can do that too. Can we see a pic of your kids? That might be kinda creepy but I know we’ve seen the ginger boy before!

    • Chaz says:

      Very creepy….. Especially under a Anon handle

      • Anonymous says:

        Because Chaz is less creepy?!

      • Chaz says:

        Damn straight….. Sarah and I have been bantering since she first came to this site, if memory serves I made a comment about her boobs, plus she isn’t afraid to sport “girl wood” when the occasion arises…no pun intended, shes a cool chick. I wouldn’t, however, request her to post pics of her kids. So yeah, like I said, very creepy….

  3. Chaz says:

    Saw the word uvula, my brain transposed it to vulva…… Bad brain!!!

  4. Emily says:

    This is a good example of why you are my favorite.

  5. meh says:

    Awesome post. You know it’s a slow gossip day when…!

  6. lachica says:

    Selena is not going to age well. You can tell.

  7. JessicaK says:

    Jeez, Sarah, I would never have been so bitchy if I’d known you have Down’s Syndrome. Good on ya, kid.

  8. Bus says:

    Oooh Sarah: pulling a dude face in the first pic and then gradually you became more feminine (nice pearly whites by the way) but it struck me as strange that the most feminine pic of the bunch was the bitch one…it’s just odd…but I’m not, I repeat NOT, attempting to correlate being a bitch to looking like a woman…nope: that’s not my intent. /me starts to whistle

  9. erg says:

    selena look like different person with no makeup?

  10. anon says:

    You’ve got such pretty eyes! Sorry, I know that wasn’t the point. But hey…

  11. kimcheee says:

    I bet Selena was reading a text message (almost typed testes message – oops.) from the Beaver. I can read lips. She was saying, “Ewwwww!”

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