2012 in Review: The Nude Leaks Because Duh, Celebrity Nude Leaks

photo of nicole snooki polizzi leaked photos
#5 – Snooki
Snooki had some photos leaked that no one ever really saw, end of story. When MTV protects your ass, there’s not a whole lot of nakedness that the public’s going to see unless they’re making money off of it. Surprise, surprise.

photo of kate middleton open mouth pictures
#4 – Kate Middleton
If you guys remember, Kate Middleton was spied sunning topless while on vacation with her husband, Prince William. She sued the pants off the magazine that employed the photographer who snapped her nudity from the next country over, and that was the end. The photos weren’t all that salacious, anyway—they showed a blurry girl tanning her tatas. The end.

photo of alison pill nudes pictures
#3 – Alison Pill
Alison Pill, who’s on ‘The Newsroom’ and who’s also girlfriend of Jay Baruchel, had a mini-leak, and I say “mini-leak” because no one outside of Jay Baruchel, maybe, cared about Alison and her bland photo.

photo of prince harry leaked photos nude pic
#2 – Prince Harry
This is the one that the world went crazy over, and no one even saw a real ass. All in all, I’d say it was a big year for the Royal Family when it came to airing out their private bits, and wouldn’t you, too?

photo of christina hendricks nipples boobs leaked pictures
#1 – Christina Hendricks
This is probably my favorite nude leak of 2012 because no one really expected it. Christina Hendricks has glorious tits for days, and people, since the beginning of time (or, at the very least, beginning of ‘Mad Men’) have wanted to see this chick topless. You never get that kind of delivery with boobs this kind of quality. Happy Christmas all over again, folks.

After the jump I’ve included the aforementioned friends with their respective nude leaks. They are, obviously, NSFW and to be ogled in private.

Statistically speaking (which I know nothing about, and that’s probably why I’m a gossip writer and not a statistician), there’s bound to be at least three or four pretty good candid nude shots over the next twelve months. That being said, who’d you like to see leaked in 2013?

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  1. DBob says:

    The more I see the alleged Christina Hendricks pic, the more certain I am it is Kitten Natividad.