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What the Royal Couple Would Look Like This Christmas if They Sold Out

photo of royal couple christmas pictures
Photographer Alison Jackson is back at it with the spoof photos of the Royal Couple, and this time she envisions what Christmas would be like in Prince William and Duchess Kate‘s household.

Naturally, the photos are a farce, and while the lookalikes are rather good, there’s still something missing. Like, oh, I don’t know, realism. Do you really think that Kate would be serving f-cking potatoes while Prince William kicks back at the dinner table? No, for two reasons: the Duchess doesn’t seem to roll like that (meaning any man of hers will serve himself or get f-cked), and also, they probably have someone to feed them. Last, poor Kate probably can’t keep anything as heavy and starchy as potatoes down these days, but hey. Who am I to rip the photos? They’re fun and they’re frivolous and if there’s anything we need more these days than fun and frivolity, I can’t imagine what it could be.

Love them and these pictures. Too fun.

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  • The British govt, and the Rothschilds, just want you to think these aren’t real photos!

    Fergie, of York, probably hacked the couple’s personal photos—she’ll do anything for a quid.

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