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Breaking: Elementary School Shooting Leaves 20 or More People Dead, Including at Least 10 Children

Updated 2:44 PM EST: The death toll has risen to nearly thirty, and sources are saying that at least 18 of them are children. I’m sick.

Updated 1:47 PM EST: The AP is reporting that the shooter was a 20-year-old male, and there’s reports from CBS that say the shooter may have been operating with an accomplice.

If you guys haven’t already heard via major media outlets or social media, there’s been a shooting at a school in Newtown, Connecticut. The gunman left at least twenty people in his murderous wake before being shot him or herself—by either his or her hand, or by the hand of law enforcement officials.

The children have been evacuated from the school and police are beginning their briefings to the public, but guys. This is some seriously heartbreaking news—I’ve been crying for an hour in empathy for everyone involved. Please pray for the families whose children won’t be opening the carefully-hidden Christmas gifts next week because some psychopath decided it would be better to kill little children than to kill himself.

If you have them, hug your littlest friends a little bit tighter tonight, just because.

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    • That’s what the government hopes to accomplish with this latest psy-op featuring a “lone-nut shooter”. Unfortunately, there’s a lot more to this and every school shooting. :( Obama borrowed Glenn Beck’s Vick’s to address us today.

  • I wish people would take two seconds to empathize with the victims, and hold their peace in silence out of respect for the people going through unspeakable pain right now. This is not the time to talk about your personal opinions on gun laws. I say that because my twitter/facebook timelines have become huge back and forth arguments about that kind of stuff. It makes me want to smack someone! There are 18 little ones dead. 9 adults gone, too. So, so unspeakable, so horrifying, and so not the time to get on your (the royal ‘your’) soap box.

  • this is so sad. heart goes out family and friends of those who had their lives taken so tragically may they r.i.p.
    and to all those in the school and community who must be in deep shock and sadness

  • Unfathomable. If you want to die, then die, you sonofabith. Killing children…children!!! What is the meaning of this!?? Killing people is the worst, just the lowest, most evil thing you could do. I’m so angry and sad. As a mother I am overwhelmed with sorrow for those who had lost their children and loved ones today. This should never happen, and it’s especially tragic in the wake of Christmas. I’m so sorry….

    • I just can’t stop crying, seriously. All of these horrible thoughts keep entering my mind like, “What are the parents going to do with their childrens’ Christmas presents” and “What if the one of the children went to school today and had had a fight with their mother/father earlier in the morning” or something. It’s too much.

      • I’m with you, Sarah. It’s so brutally senseless, and that’s why it’s so shocking. Every time a shooting happens, people who tend to be a bit on the cynical side always say, well, people and children die every day, they starve or fall victims to war conflicts, so yeah, that’s life. And they are right in a way, but they are wrong to accept death and suffering as a natural part of the world we live in. Murder, by whatever means, is not natural, not in human civilization where great things have been achieved. We should never be complacent about it, or justify it with shallow arguments.

        Also, this tragedy happened home, and when it’s so close, it is very real. Once you are touched by loss so tremendous on a personal level, god forbid, it’s a little different, isn’t it. You know, I was a big fan of horror movies. Ever since I had a child however, I see life differently and my values have changed. I can’t watch gore for entertainment anymore. It’s just too…I don’t know. Offensive. (I still like supernatural horror flicks though)

        And lastly, this is cruel and devastating because it was unexpected. People often don’t understand that although very hard, it’s more possible to come to terms with death and loss when you have anticipated it. This…it came out of nowhere. Who would even in their wildest, biggest fears think that someone would just shoot their child dead?! As I said above, there’s no meaning to this, nothing rational to help those parents console their grief.

        I am not a religious person, but my thoughts and my heart go to those families.

  • God bless these families.
    In China today a man used a knife to injure 22 kids and a woman. The mentally ill will use anything as a weapon.
    American politicians always have tax money for war. But there’s never enough to:
    Create the jobs that will make sure people have access to proper medical care, including psychiatric care.
    Pay for competent counselors, social workers, psychiatrists, and psychologists.
    Fully fund medicare and veteran benefits.
    Keep quality mental health facilities open.

    Obama, the house, and senate always make 100% sure that wars are fought abroad before peace is established here in America.

  • I am sad and heart broken for the families that have lost loved ones in this terrible and shocking shooting. It makes me feel helpless and numb. Little innocent children and adults trying to help and teach them, there are no words.

  • I’ve been reading about this all day long. Just heartbreaking, it sounds too horrifying to be true :( Those poor families, no one deserves this kind of pain.

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