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Of Course LeAnn Rimes is Having Nipslips Now

photo of leann rimes nipslip pictures
And doesn’t she look so completely with it, too? My oh my.

So, ironically enough, LeAnn went to the fourth anniversary of the NoH8 campaign, which was held in Hollywood last night, and this is the outfit she wore. Little did she know, another friend by the name of Nippy McNipperson had also come along to party, but then again, she wouldn’t have known because in all of the photos, she looks like this—otherwise known as “oblivious”:

photo of leann rimes pictures
Even better, later in the night, she ended up looking like this:

photo of leann rimes singing at noh8 campaign pictures
And this is what I’m going to assume she looks like after eating a handful or five of her Favorite Special Candies.

Last, if you dare to click through, you, too, can get a peek of the elusive beast known as LeAnn Rimes’ nipple. It’s not the best shot, but hey. We take what we can get around here, you know?

photo of leann rimes nipslip pictures

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  • Of course Leann had a nip slip, Brandi was getting too much attention for the medical emergency involving her breasts. The Nip slip was no accident. Leann is in mega famewhore mode. I don’t know if it’s because she is trying to promote the 2nd phase of her single release this month or she is trying to do damage control because of the E! interview. Funny how she resumes the 2-3 daily staged photo-ops after her “woe is me” interview as if that interview absolved all of the bad she has and continues to do.

    Because Leann is in mega famewhore mode, she is bombaring the internet with staged photo-ops every day now. First it was the gas station yesterday and now she hired her BFFs AKM-GSI to get photos of her and Eddie walking through a parking lot holding hands and smiling since people were talking about how Eddie looked bored on the red carpet when he was “kissing” Leann. I wonder what Leann had to get Eddie to get him participate in the handholding parking lot staged photo-op today.

    The sad thing about her staged photo-ops is that she is desperately trying to generate pregnancy rumors. In the one she set up for today she has a huge purse in front of her stomach.

    I hate to see the staged photo-op Leann has planned for Friday. I just hope it doesn’t involve Brandi’s kids.

  • Leann is also using the death of her friend to get attention. This is a difficult time for that family, and yet here is Leann on twitter trying to use this death to get headlines for herself. What good did “rehab” do for Leann because she is worse than she was last year? It was bad enough that Leann used NoH8 to convince people that her hubby isn’t cheating on her/hasn’t left her or to fake a nip slop so that she could trend on just like Brandi trended on Yahoo for her breast surgery, but to use her friend’s death that like is just plain insensitive.

  • What is she trying to show? She’s completely flat-chested. She might as well wear a t-shirt with a picture of two fried eggs on it for the same effect.

  • There was a blind item about her yesterday or today – she removed the tape on purpose and showed her nips on purpose so that she could be OUTRAGED, only no body cares & it isn’t getting the attention she wanted. Desperate.

  • I’m surprised that she still has nipples. I would think anything on her body that sticks out that far would be removed by dieting or some other method by now.

  • Leann is tweeting about Brandi’s kids just to be spiteful(This is how the Oregon/Washington “my boys” fiasco started, now will the media call Leann out on her disrespect or will they act surprised when Brandi gets tired of her taunting and goes public?).

    -Bragging about how she is taking Brandi’s kids on a tour with her: “…MistyMommy him & boys tmrw”

    -Bragging about the staged “happy family” photo-ops she has set for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with Brandi’s kids and Eddie while in Vegas:” …no, we’re gonna go indoor flying and to circus circus”

    -Bragging about how she is going to drag Brandi’s sons to 10pm concerts for 3 days straight: “My stepson has a request for tmrw night “I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas.” Learning it tonight lol”

    Leann is going to pull the same thing she did in November when she took Brandi’s kids on tour with her to Oregon & Washington. Expect for Leann to exploit those kids like crazy by posting videos and photos of the boys to her website and twitter timeline and then tweeting up a storm about what they are doing. I won’t be surprised if she even posts a blog about it. And then people can’t understand why Brandi is so vocal. The media was so quick to judge Brandi for being vocal, and now look at the outcome of this. Leann is exploit those kids like crazy.

    Why would Leann even suggest that Brandi’s sons be on tour with her in the first place? She complains about how hard 3 days of touring is on her, so where is her concern for how hard this is for the kids? It’s the kids’ weekend with their father, why won’t Leann allow them to enjoy the time with their father without her? If Eddie was the good father he claimed to be, he would refuse to take the boys on tour with Leann.

    So how many twitpics, videos, and tweets will she make about the boys this week?

  • She has the oddest body shape ever. Hips of a 6 year old girl and shoulders of a linebacker. What’s up with that? She looks like a Dorito, and should eat some.

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