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Lindsay Lohan Did Something Wrong

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

Don’t worry, it’s nothing illegal (probably). She just screwed up another job. Sunrise, sunset, you know.

From TMZ:

Lindsay Lohan nearly torpedoed her episode of “Million Dollar Decorators” on Bravo — after the network spent roughly $200,000 renovating Lindsay’s Beverly Hills mansion — because TMZ has learned she refused to film the big reveal moment for the show.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us she agreed to film the segment for the show earlier this year — and in exchange, the people behind MDD spent $200,000 on expensive furniture and other trappings for her house … which Lindsay’s now renting for $8,000 a month.

We’re told Lindsay was initially cooperative — filming a furniture shopping segment back in March and spending several more days shooting in the home before the renovations.

The show then went to work on the house — filming the entire renovation process — but when it came time to shoot the big reveal in April, Lindsay stopped returning their calls.

Lindsay’s since been living in the house — and according to sources, the home is now so messy … it’s completely unfilmable.

We’re told MDD producers have since decided to use canned post-renovation footage (without Lindsay) as the big reveal moment.

Calls to the network were not returned. The episode’s scheduled to air early next year.

That’s our girl! Completely unable to do a job withing f-cking up majorly at least once! So proud!

Speaking of being proud, I’m sure that Lindsay, world class The Wanted groupie, was super proud that she was able to steal a hoodie from Max George, the boy bander she’s been canoodling with. A few days ago, Lindsay was photographed with him while he was wearing the hoodie, and a few hours ago, she posted this photo on Twitter, along with the caption “missing something?”

This is obviously a girl who has no shame in her game. Sadly, her game was cut short, because The Wanted traveled back to England yesterday. She retweeted Max’s status about it right before she tweeted him the photo of his hoodie. I’m guessing she’s trying to communicate that even though she can’t leave the country, he can’t leave her heart. Not ever.

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  • So she’s taking Bravo for nearly $200,000 plus production costs? ANd I love MDD, ugh. I bet she was clinging to her boybander and he slipped out of the sweatshirt to escape – you know, like a cartoon. “Keep it!” as he runs away…

  • I was a band-aid to a crappy boy and and all I got was this lousy sweat shirt!

    Liz got diamonds, LiHO gets cheap hoodies, yup sounds about right.

    • Hahaha eww her makeup ALWAYS looks nasty like the shit from the night before was never washed off then she just layered more shit on top of it.

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