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Watch Out, L.A., Lindsay Is Selling Her Old Clothes

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

From Radar:

Troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan would give you the shirt off her own back — for the right price!

It seems Charlie Sheen’s recent generous donation of 100k was not enough to even make a dent in la Lohan’s financial woes, as has exclusively learned she has resorted to selling her used clothes, shoes and accessories in a bid to make a fast buck.

Lindsay enlisted the services of her little sisterAli, whom she dispatched to Wasteland, a used clothing store that specializes in designer and vintage duds, on Wednesday afternoon, but despite the glittering array of cast offs Ali was weighed down by, it seems the Lohans will have to come up with yet another scheme to make more money for cash strapped Linds.

An eyewitness tells that Ali, proudly showcasing what appeared to be a significantly larger bustline in a fitted top, turned up to the store with bags stuffed full of items. She then marched up to the counter, hoping to strike a good deal, but was crestfallen when the store manager sorted through the cast offs and offered her a mere fraction of what she was anticipating.

“Thirty dollars for these? They cost $700!” The source says Ali could be heard shrieking. “This is ridiculous!”

The savvy 18-year-old then tried to increase the value of some items, which included a pair of round-toe Chanel pumps and a Balenciaga purse, by mentioning that Lindsay had worn them on various red carpets and photoshoots.

“These HAVE to be worth more, Lindsay was photographed wearing them, that HAS to add value,” Ali was heard pleading.

Unfortunately for the Lohans though, the manager stood firm and Ali skulked out of the store with significantly less cash than hoped for.

I’m really worried about this. Wouldn’t this be some kind of public health hazard? There has to be some kind of law against this. There’s no telling what crimes have taken place in those clothes, or what kind of bodily fluid has been splattered on them. There’s probably meth juice all over everything, and a colony of lice living in her hats (no shame, says the lady who missed a month of fifth grade thanks to lice and got kicked out of the Valentine’s Day dance she sneaked into). It’s just not a good idea.

So, L.A. friends, the next time you go thrifting, be careful. You never know how much meth juice was spilled on your new Chanel pumps.

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